Your safety are always our first priority.

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours before your pick-up. If you cancel your ride within the cancellation policy, you will receive a full refund.


Can I still use Transfeero globally during the pandemic?

Also during the corona crisis, we accept bookings globally and we are monitoring country and local travel restrictions. We kindly ask you to double check their schedules and plans during this time of evolving restrictions. If new safety measures would prevent an existing booking from occurring, we will notify guests and modify or cancel rides without penalty. We comply with local rules and will take the necessary actions to protect public health and the wellbeing of guests and chauffeurs.

Please note our cancellation policy.


  • The driver will wear a mask and gloves during the ride
  • The driver won’t come into physical contact with the passengers or their belongings (e.g. luggage)
  • The car is equipped with hand sanitisers and hand wipes
  • Car is thoroughly sanitised

Travel restrictions

  • Spain:
    Sedan cars can only carry 2 pax. Minivans/Minibuses can only carry 4 pax (each car can only take 1/2 of the normal capacity). Important for all transfers from or to the airport:
    If you would like to travel with more than 2 passengers, due to the covid19-restrictions, you have to book the Minivan-Class.
  • Mallorca:
    Until further notice, all services to and from Mallorca airport have been suspended.
  • Italy:
    Although our drivers are still allowed to provide transfers, there are restrictions on the number of passengers per vehicle they are allowed to carry.  As a general rule, Sedan cars can only carry 2 (up to 3 if a family) passengers and Minivans 4 (up to 8 if a family)
  • France:
    The transfers here, can only be done if all the passengers have a special document (laisser passer) as per the President’s order, if you don’t have that document, then drivers will not be able to carry you.
  • Netherlands:
    There are restrictions on the number of passengers per vehicle they are allowed to carry. As a general rule, Sedan and Business cars can only carry 2 passengers and Minivans and Minibusses 4.


Updates and protective measures from the World Health Organization

World Health Organization updates and latest news
Basic protective measures