What can I request in the ”Notes for the chauffeur” field?

This field is for sharing information necessary for your ride or making additional requests for your service. Please add this information in English.

If you are traveling with an assistive device, please tell us about it in this field so we can better accommodate you. Be sure to include its size, especially for larger devices like foldable wheelchairs, so we can make sure it will fit in the trunk of the vehicle.

You can also enter any other pertinent information for your ride, for example, “Please wait outside the house” or “Entrance to the house is found on the next street, at 8 Muster Street”.

If you know ahead of time that additional stops are required during the ride, please write a special request so your chauffeur is prepared. Additional wait time or distance may still incur additional charges.

Fulfillment of requests is subject to capacity and availability.

The following requests are not possible:

  • Specific vehicles/models/colors
  • A specific chauffeur
  • Guaranteed Wi-Fi in the vehicle