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      Information about Kos Airport

      Tucked away on the serene Dodecanese island of Kos, the Kos Island International Airport “Hippocrates” serves as a gateway to the azure waters and sandy beaches that are synonymous with Greek paradise. Named after the ancient physician Hippocrates, who was born on the island, Kos Airport (IATA code: KGS) offers both a homage to its historical roots and a modern portal to the delights of the Aegean Sea.

      Service to Travelers

      Kos Airport facilitates travel for both international and domestic passengers, efficiently connecting the island with numerous cities across Europe especially during the summer season, as well as providing year-round access to mainland Greece. Upon disembarking, vacationers are kissed by the warm Mediterranean breeze and can come to expect the unwavering Greek hospitality that makes any visit to this sun-drenched haven unforgettable.

      The airport’s facilities cater to the needs of the modern traveler. With car rental agencies on-site, tourists can quickly transition from air to road, embarking on a journey to explore Kos’s picturesque villages, historical sites, and tranquil beaches.  Shopping and dining options within the airport provide a taste of local products and an opportunity for last-minute souvenirs. Duty-free shops invite travelers to indulge in some retail therapy, while traditional Greek eateries offer a chance to savor local flavors before departure or upon arrival.


      For those looking for convenience, Transfeero stands ready to whisk visitors from the airport to their desired destination with a pre-booked private transfer, ensuring comfort, reliability, and peace of mind after a tiring flight. Public buses and taxis also help tourists to move through the island and enjoy the road.

      Your Kos Welcome

      Passengers should note that the airport experiences its peak during the high tourist season from May to October. During this time, it’s advisable to allow extra time for check-in and security due to the increased airport traffic.

      Whether coming to soak up the sun on its golden shores or to discover the rich history embedded in the island, Kos Airport sets the stage for an idyllic vacation. Visitors will find that their journey through this hub is a convenient and pleasant start or end to their explorations of the enchanting island that is Kos.

      Booking a private transfer in Kos

      Traveling can be an exciting experience, but getting to and from the airport is often one of the more stressful aspects. That’s where booking a reliable airport transfer service comes into play, ensuring your arrival at Kos Airport is as smooth as the Aegean breeze. Whether you opt for a convenient airport shuttle service or prefer the exclusivity of a private car service, planning ahead paves the way for a seamless travel experience.

      Private Transfers at Kos Airport

      Upon arrival at Kos Airport, known for welcoming travelers to this stunning Greek isle, the last thing you want is to contend with the hassle of finding a cab or navigating public transport with luggage in tow. Opting for an airport pickup service offers an immediate solution: a friendly chauffeur waits for you, ready to whisk you away to your beachfront hotel or a hidden hillside villa, turning what could be a chaotic scramble into a moment of calm.

      For those seeking a more economical option, an affordable airport transfer by shuttle vehicles is readily available. Contrary to the myth that private transport is prohibitively expensive, services are offered at competitive rates. An airport shuttle, for example, combines the benefit of cost savings with the comfort of not having to share your space with a crowd.

      Hourly Services

      Travelers prioritizing luxury and personalized attention might lean towards an airport car service. Imagine stepping out of the airport to find a polished vehicle and a professional chauffeur ready to cater to your every need. With an Hourly Service option, flexibility is at your fingertips, perfect for those who may have multiple stops or wish to explore Kos before reaching their final destination.

      Advantages of Transfeero

      The advantage of booking an airport transfer service with Transfeero – in advance! – cannot be understated. It eradicates the uncertainty that often accompanies airport arrivals. Whether you value the affordability of an airport shuttle or the indulgence of a private car service, securing your transport ahead of time means that the moment your plane touches down, you’re on the most efficient path to beginning your Grecian getaway.

      In conclusion, your journey through Kos need not begin with the ordinary stress of transportation woes. Opt for an airport transfer that aligns with your preferences—be it an exclusive chauffeur service or an unassuming yet comfortable shuttle—and start your Aegean adventure with ease and style. Opt for Transfeero.

      Information about Kos

      Step back in time as you wander through Kos’ ancient streets, where the whispers of history resonate through landmarks such as the imposing Castle of the Knights of Saint John and the ancient Agora. The island is famously the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, and his legacy can be explored at the Tree of Hippocrates and the fascinating ruins of Asklepieion, an ancient healing temple that has stood for millennia.

      Breathtaking Beaches for Every Taste

      Beach enthusiasts will find their slice of heaven on Kos’s shores. Pristine sands and turquoise waters define the coastal experience with renowned spots like Paradise Beach and Kardamena offering everything from serenity to water sports galore. Whether you’re sunbathing on the tranquil stretches of Agios Stefanos, or engaging in lively beach volleyball at Mastichari, the island’s diverse beaches cater to all desires.

      Nightlife and Culinary Delights

      When the sun sets, Kos comes alive with a pulsating nightlife ready to enchant party-goers. The island’s bars and clubs, particularly in Kos Town and Kardamena, brim with energy until the early hours. Food lovers will delight in local tavernas serving up delectable Greek cuisine, where traditional dishes and locally-produced wine provide a feast for the senses.

      Experience Kos

      Ease into island life by pre-booking your airport pickup or chauffeur service with Transfeero. Our seamless transfer solutions allow you to start your Kos adventure stress-free, whisking you from the airport to your destination in comfort and style. Whether you’re venturing to a luxurious resort or a cozy seaside villa, Transfeero ensures your travel is as enjoyable as the island itself.

      Kos, Greece, is a destination that promises an unforgettable escape combining the allure of ancient civilizations with contemporary pleasures. Its harmonious blend of culture, recreation, and relaxation make it an irresistible spot for tourists yearning for the quintessential Grecian experience.

      Things to see in Kos

      Kos, in Greece, is a living museum, home to landmarks that narrate tales as old as time. The imposing Asclepeion stands as a testament to the island’s revered ancient medical knowledge, once a sanctuary dedicated to the Greek god of healing. Meander through the ruins and feel the echoes of history in the stone foundations where Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once studied and taught. Experience an enchanting blend of history and scenic beauty in Kos, one of the most captivating islands in the Dodecanese archipelago. With a rich historical tapestry that weaves through its ancient ruins and the mesmerizing azure embrace of the Aegean Sea, Kos beckons travelers seeking both enlightenment and tranquility.

      Beyond the allure of antiquity, the island’s landscapes bloom with a beauty that invites endless exploration. Embrace the vibrancy of the local flora in gardens and nature reserves, or stroll along idyllic beaches where soft sands meet crystal-clear waters. . Pristine turquoise waters define the coastal experience with renowned spots like Paradise Beach and Kardamena offering everything from serenity to water sports galore. Whether you’re sunbathing on the tranquil stretches of Agios Stefanos, or engaging in lively beach volleyball at Mastichari, the island’s diverse beaches cater to all desires.

      The heart of Kos beats in Eleftherias Square, where local culture thrives amidst cafes, shops, and the fascinating Archaeological Museum of Kos. Discover the island’s Venetian and Ottoman influences in structures like the Castle of the Knights and the Defterdar Mosque, a rich cultural patchwork that enlivens every wanderer’s journey.

      In Kos you will visit …




      Kos City ( Neratzia, Agios Stefanos Beach, Ancient Agora )

      Lambi Beach

      Magic Beach

      Paralia Paradisos

      Psalidi Beach



      Transportation options in Kos

      In the heart of the Dodecanese archipelago lies Kos, a Greek island renowned for its sandy beaches, historical landmarks, and vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re landing at Kos Island International Airport or arriving by sea, navigating around this Aegean gem is a breeze with the various transportation options available. In this guide, we’ll explore the most convenient travel choices to ensure your Kos experience is as seamless as it is memorable.

      Private Transfers: Comfort and Convenience

      For travelers seeking a stress-free arrival and departure, booking a private transfer with Transfeero is the gold standard. With a pre-booked private transfer, you can rest assured that a professional chauffeur will greet you upon arrival, offering a warm welcome and assistance with your luggage. This door-to-door service guarantees that you’ll be transported directly to your accommodation or desired destination in Kos, without the uncertainty of public transportation schedules or the hassle of navigating an unfamiliar place.

      Shuttle Services and Chauffeurs

      Those looking for a more economical option without sacrificing reliability might opt for a shuttle service. Transfeero provides shared shuttle solutions, connecting key points across the island, including popular tourist spots and major resorts. By sharing a ride with fellow travelers, you can enjoy the journey and perhaps even make new friends along the way.

      Airport pickup service is perfect for visitors eager to dive into their island adventure without delay. Upon landing, you’ll locate your designated chauffeur at the meeting point, identifiable by a sign with your name. From there, you’ll be whisked away to your destination, allowing you to bypass the lines for taxis and start your holiday with ease. Hiring a chauffeur service means tayloring your itinerary with the help of your knowledgeable driver, visiting hidden gems and historical sites at your leisure.

      Public Transportation Net

      Public transportation net on Kos consists mainly of buses and taxis. Distances on the island are not that big and the local means can easily connect places and monument all over the territory. Whether it’s a day trip to explore the Asklepion ruins or a sunset drive along the coastline, traveling in style with a local bus or a private chauffeur elevates your Kos journey.

      Book Your Journey

      No matter which transportation option you choose, Transfeero ensures you navigate Kos, Greece, with the utmost ease. Book in advance to secure your seamless island transfer, and let the beauty of Kos unfold before you.

      💰 Best value: Economy Taxi
      🌍 Business or leisure: Standard Sedan Class
      👪 For groups or families: Standard Van Class
      💎 A touch of luxury: First Class Services
      🚌 Best for large groups: Minibus or coach transfer

      Destination Transfer time Distance Price
      Agios Fokas 45 min 31 Km / 19.26 Miles EUR 54.99
      Kardamaina 8 min 6 Km / 3.73 Miles EUR 47.74
      Kefalos 19 min 17 Km / 10.56 Miles EUR 50.93
      Kos city center 31 min 24 Km / 14.91 Miles EUR 52.96
      Kos port 32 min 24 Km / 14.91 Miles EUR 52.96
      Lambi Beach 33 min 24 Km / 14.91 Miles EUR 52.96
      Tigaki 21 min 16 Km / 9.94 Miles EUR 50.64
      Paralia Paradisos 54 min 27 Km / 16.78 Miles EUR 53.83
      Magic Beach 13 min 10 Km / 6.21 Miles EUR 48.90
      Psalidi Beach 39 min 27 Km / 16.78 Miles EUR 53.83

      Car service and Chauffeur service Kos Airport

      Maximum comfort and safety for your transfer to Kos . Our drivers will monitor your flight as they greet you at Kos Airport . Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign indicating your name and of course, if you wish, he will assist you with your luggage. Rely on a Transfeero driver for Kos Airport and you will be in safe hands. Our drivers are professional and have all the licenses required by law. Your stay in Kos cannot start in a better way.

      Book your transfer fromKos Airportand enjoy your vacation or business trip smoothly

      Kos Airport

      Kos Airport
      Kos Airport

      Kos Airport Transfers (KGS)


      Maximum comfort and safety for your trip
      Licensed vehicles, professional drivers

      Transfer Economy Taxi Economy Taxi Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer Standard Class Standard Class Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer First Class First Class Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer SUV Limo Class SUV Up to 6 Passengers
      Standard Van Van Standard Up to 7 Passengers
      Transfer First Van Class Van First Class Up to 6 Passengers
      Minibus Minibus Up to 16 Passengers
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      Journey details

      Want to know more about your journey from/to Kos Airport? We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers to help you plan your journey.

      What are the Kos Airport Taxi fares?

      With TRANSFEERO you will always have the guarantee to find the best rates for your transfer from Kos Airport. All included at a fixed price and without surprises. A Rate for a transfers from Kos Airport includes all local taxes, tolls, parking and VAT.

      How can I book online a transfer?

      Very simple! Enter the airport, enter your destination or pick-up point, date, time and number of passengers. You will see the best offers for your Transfer from / to Kos Airport .

      Why should I book a Kos Airport taxi transfer in advance?

      You will be greeted directly at the exit of the terminal or baggage hall by one of our professional drivers with a name tag, indicating your name or the main passenger. No waiting for a taxi. The other advantage of booking your transfer from Kos Airport in advance is to have the guarantee of a fixed price (no surprises, no hidden costs).

      How much does a taxi cost from Kos Airport?

      Rates vary according to your destination but generally for the center of Kos the rate is EUR 47.45.

      Where do I meet my driver?

      Your driver will be waiting for you just outside the arrivals gate ofKos Airport, holding a sign with your name clearly written on it. You will receive an e-mail and an Text-message containing the name and telephone number of your driver.

      What do I do if my flight is delayed?

      Our drivers receive constant updates, if you are aware of any delays please contact us immediately and we will try to rearrange your transfer fromKos Airport

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