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      Information about New York JFK Airport

      Welcome to New York John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport, the primary international gateway to the iconic skyline and bustling streets of New York City. As one of the busiest air terminals in the United States, JFK Airport serves as a critical hub for both passengers and cargo, with direct flights to and from hundreds of destinations around the world.

      About the airport

      Located in Queens, JFK Airport is roughly 16 miles southeast of Midtown Manhattan, making it both accessible and convenient for travelers heading into the city or beyond.  In terms of connectivity, JFK is a linchpin for international and domestic airlines, hosting over 90 carriers. The airport’s extensive flight network encompasses non-stop routes to all six inhabited continents, positioning it as a crucial center for global travel and commerce. Spanning over 5,200 acres, the airport is a city unto itself, featuring six passenger terminals connected by the AirTrain JFK, a comprehensive transit network that provides efficient access to and from the airport.

      Modern services

      When flying into JFK, passengers are greeted by a wide array of amenities designed to cater to the modern traveler’s needs. From luxury lounges, expansive shopping areas, and a variety of dining options to art installations and essential services such as currency exchange and business facilities, JFK strives to provide a top-tier experience to everyone passing through its gates.

      Airport in evolution

      The airport is continually evolving, with ongoing improvements and expansions to enhance the traveler experience. These developments include the modernization of terminals, upgrades to the AirTrain system, and the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies for navigation, security, and customer service.


      Whether you’re a business traveler, a tourist setting out to explore the Big Apple, or simply passing through, JFK Airport offers a gateway to an unforgettable New York adventure. With world-class facilities and a commitment to excellence, JFK remains a cornerstone in the landscape of international air travel.

      Booking a private transfer in New York

      Navigating through the bustling cityscape of New York can be an exciting yet daunting experience, especially when it comes to airport logistics. Booking an airport transfer at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport shouldn’t add to your worries, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor. Here’s how you can ensure a smooth start or end to your New York journey with the right airport car service.

      Pickup or personalized solution

      When your plane touches down at JFK, the last thing you want is to get lost in the sea of taxis or navigate public transportation with luggage in tow. Opting for an airport pickup is a convenient solution. By pre-booking this service, a chauffeur will be waiting for you upon arrival, ready to whisk you away to your destination without the hassle of hailing a cab.

      For those who value comfort and privacy, a private car service offers the perfect blend of luxury and convenience. As you exit the terminal, you can look forward to the personalized attention of a professional driver and the tranquility of a quiet ride after a long flight. Meeting your chauffeur is easy and stress-free, ensuring that your transition from the plane to your accommodation is seamless.

      Reliable private services

      If you’re traveling to New York on a budget, an affordable airport transfer like Transfeero can still provide you with a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. With competitive rates, an airport shuttle service offers a cost-effective alternative without compromising on the quality of your travel experience. You can enjoy a hassle-free ride to your hotel, knowing you’ve made a smart choice for your wallet. For travelers with intricate schedules or who simply desire the flexibility to explore New York on their own terms, an hourly service might be the best option. This tailored airport car service offers the freedom to set your own itinerary, with a chauffeur at your disposal to navigate the city’s dynamic streets for as long as you require.

      Overall, an airport transfer in JFK, whether by airport shuttle, airport pickup, or a private chauffeur, should be an essential part of your travel plans. By choosing Transfeero service to match your preferences and budget, you can ensure a hassle-free start to your adventure in the Big Apple or a punctual and relaxing journey back home.

      Information about New York

      New York City—the name alone evokes images of towering skyscrapers, dazzling Broadway shows, and streets pulsing with the rhythm of unmatched energy. As the epitome of the American dream, this melting pot of culture, cuisine, and relentless ambition captivates the hearts of millions. Whether you’re planning your first visit or returning to delve deeper into its urban labyrinth, NYC promises an adventure that is as diverse as it is unforgettable.

      Iconic Attractions and Hidden Gems

      At the core of New York’s allure are its iconic landmarks. The Statue of Liberty stands as a beacon of freedom, while the Empire State Building pierces the sky with Art Deco majesty. Times Square—with its neon lights and constant buzz—is a sensory feast, and Central Park offers a verdant sanctuary amidst the concrete jungle. Yet beyond these well-trodden paths lie hidden gems: the High Line’s elevated park, quaint cobblestone streets of Greenwich Village, and the diverse neighborhoods of Queens, each with their own unique flavor.

      A Culinary Odyssey

      Foodies rejoice! New York City is a veritable culinary odyssey, boasting everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to humble food trucks. Savor the famed New York-style pizza, indulge in authentic bagels, or explore global flavors in the city’s many ethnic enclaves. Each bite is a story, a blend of tradition and innovation that reflects the city’s dynamic spirit.

      Arts and Culture Mecca

      As a mecca of arts and culture, NYC is unequalled. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art house collections that inspire awe, while Broadway sets the stage for world-class performances. Music thrives here, from the jazz clubs of Harlem to the indie venues of Brooklyn. The city’s creative pulse is unceasing, a testament to its role as an international hub of artistic expression.

      Book Your New York Adventure with Transfeero

      Embark on your New York experience with ease and sophistication with Transfeero. Our exceptional chauffeur services provide stress-free transportation from JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark airports straight to the heart of the action. Choose from private transfers, shuttle services, or premium chauffeur offerings to navigate the city with comfort and style.

      New York City isn’t just a destination—it’s an experience that resonates long after you leave. With Transfeero, your urban odyssey begins with confidence, knowing every journey is as seamless as it is remarkable. Visit our website to book your personalized NYC transfer today and get ready for a trip that will redefine your idea of adventure!

      Things to see in New York

      New York City is a sprawling metropolis, often hailed as the pinnacle of American urban life. With its towering skyscrapers, culturally rich neighborhoods, and never-ending list of attractions, it’s no surprise that New York remains a top destination for travelers worldwide.

      One simply cannot visit New York without admiring the grandeur of the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom and democracy. Ferry across to Liberty Island and marvel at this iconic monument up close. If heights thrill you, the Empire State Building awaits with its panoramic views of the cityscape. On a clear day, you can see far into the horizons of the urban jungle. Meander through the lush paths of Central Park and take a moment of respite from the bustle. This urban oasis is a masterpiece of landscape architecture, brimming with hidden gems like the Bethesda Terrace and the Conservatory Garden. Art aficionados will revel in the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s extensive collection, where the world’s masterpieces come to life.

      Things and places to visit

      No trip to New York is complete without the neon glow of Times Square. Its electric atmosphere is the very heartbeat of the city’s nightlife. For a taste of history, the cobblestone streets of Wall Street narrate tales of finance and New York’s colonial past. Meanwhile, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum stands as a poignant reminder of resilience and hope


      • The Statue of Liberty
      • Central Park
      • Times Square
      • Empire State Building
      • The MOMA
      • Broadway shows
      • One World Trade Center (Ground Zero)
      • Brooklyn Bridge
      • Rockefeller Center
      • Hamptons
      • Jersey City
      • Long Island
      • Little Italy
      • Hartford

      Transportation options in New York

      Whether you’re a first-time visitor eager to see the sights or a local commuter looking for the most efficient way to get from A to B, knowing your transport choices is key to better enjoy New York City. Here’s your essential guide to getting around.

      Subway: The Lifeline of New York

      The New York City subway is the quintessential experience for many and operates 24/7, offering extensive coverage across four boroughs. With affordable fares and frequent service, you can reach major landmarks like Times Square, Central Park, and the Empire State Building with ease. Remember to check the MTA website for service changes and download a subway map app to stay on top of your route planning.

      Iconic Yellow Cabs: The Classic Choice

      Yellow taxis are almost as synonymous with New York as the Statue of Liberty. These cabs can be hailed on the street and offer door-to-door service — ideal when you’re loaded with shopping bags or after a Broadway show. Ride-hailing apps are also widely in use, giving you the flexibility to secure a ride with just a few taps on your smartphone.

      Buses: Enjoy the View on Wheels

      If you’re not in a hurry, the bus system offers a scenic way to travel around New York. With comprehensive routes, you can reach destinations not directly served by the subway. Plus, sitting on a double-decker bus gives you a great vantage point for sightseeing.

      Cycling: Eco-Friendly Exploration

      For a greener alternative, consider renting a bike. With the city’s Citi Bike program and numerous bike lanes, cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to tour around and absorb the city’s atmosphere.

      Private Transfer: The Comfortable Choice

      For a more personal and luxurious experience, booking a private transfer through Transfeero ensures you a stress-free journey. Whether it’s airport pickups, shuttle services, or chauffeur-driven outings, enjoy the convenience of a reserved vehicle to take you exactly where you need to go in comfort and style.

      No matter how you choose to traverse this bustling metropolis, each mode of transport offers a unique perspective of the city that never sleeps. Plan ahead, stay informed, and dive into the urban adventure that is New York City.

      💰 Best value: Economy Taxi
      🌍 Business or leisure: Standard Sedan Class
      👪 For groups or families: Standard Van Class
      💎 A touch of luxury: First Class Services
      🚌 Best for large groups: Minibus or coach transfer

      Destination Transfer time Distance Price
      Brooklyn 35 min 13 Km / 8.08 Miles USD 86.50
      Empire State Building 49 min 26 Km / 16.16 Miles USD 93.00
      Ground Zero 54 min 41 Km / 25.48 Miles USD 100.50
      Hamptons 2h 00 min 134 Km / 83.26 Miles USD 147.00
      Hartford 2h 20 min 187 Km / 116.20 Miles USD 173.50
      Jersey City 1h 00 min 58 Km / 36.04 Miles USD 109.00
      Little Italy 52 min 40 Km / 24.85 Miles USD 100.00
      Long Island 1h 10 min 73 Km / 45.36 Miles USD 116.50
      Manhattan (Central Park) 55 min 31 Km / 19.26 Miles USD 95.50
      Statue of Liberty 1h 00 min 33 Km / 20.51 Miles USD 96.50
      MOMA 48 min 26 Km / 16.16 Miles USD 93.00
      Broadway 1h 00 min 27 Km / 16.78 Miles USD 93.50
      Rockefeller Center 1h 00 min 27 Km / 16.78 Miles USD 93.50
      Times Square 48 min 26 Km / 16.16 Miles USD 93.00

      Car service and Chauffeur service New York JFK Airport

      Maximum comfort and safety for your transfer to New York. Our drivers will monitor your flight as they greet you at New York JFK Airport. Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign indicating your name and of course, if you wish, he will assist you with your luggage. Rely on a Transfeero driver for New York JFK Airport and you will be in safe hands. Our drivers are professional and have all the licenses required by law. Your stay in New York cannot start in a better way.

      Book your transfer from New York JFK Airport and enjoy your vacation or business trip smoothly

      New York JFK Airport

      JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport
      Queens, NY
      United States
      New York JFK Airport
      Official airport website
      New York JFK Airport

      New York JFK Airport Transfers (JFK)


      Maximum comfort and safety for your trip
      Licensed vehicles, professional drivers

      Transfer Economy Taxi
      Economy Taxi
      Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer Standard Class
      Standard Class
      Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer First Class
      First Class
      Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer SUV Limo Class
      Up to 6 Passengers
      Standard Van
      Van Standard
      Up to 7 Passengers
      Transfer First Van Class
      Van First Class
      Up to 6 Passengers
      Up to 16 Passengers
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      Journey details

      Want to know more about your journey from/to JFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport? We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers to help you plan your journey.

      What are the New York JFK Airport Taxi fares?

      With TRANSFEERO you will always have the guarantee to find the best rates for your transfer from New York JFK Airport. All included at a fixed price and without surprises. A Rate for a transfers from New York JFK Airport includes all local taxes, tolls, parking and VAT.

      How can I book online a transfer?

      Very simple! Enter the airport, enter your destination or pick-up point, date, time and number of passengers. You will see the best offers for your Transfer from / to New York JFK Airport .

      Why should I book a New York JFK Airport taxi transfer in advance?

      You will be greeted directly at the exit of the terminal or baggage hall by one of our professional drivers with a name tag, indicating your name or the main passenger. No waiting for a taxi. The other advantage of booking your transfer from New York JFK Airport in advance is to have the guarantee of a fixed price (no surprises, no hidden costs).

      How much does a taxi cost from New York JFK Airport?

      Rates vary according to your destination but generally for the center of New York the rate is USD 82.50.

      Where do I meet my driver?

      Your driver will be waiting for you just outside the arrivals gate of New York JFK Airport , holding a sign with your name clearly written on it. You will receive an e-mail and an Text-message containing the name and telephone number of your driver.

      What do I do if my flight is delayed?

      Our drivers receive constant updates, if you are aware of any delays please contact us immediately and we will try to rearrange your transfer from New York JFK Airport

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