The 5 best European spas in autumn

The 5 best European spas in autumn

If you like autumn, celebrate it to the nth degree by treating yourself to a tour of the most beautiful spa resorts in Europe. Europe, because this continent, with its ancient flavour, goes perfectly with the autumn season. Just think of the colours and scents of Prague, Vienna, London but also of Sicily, Tuscany, Spain between October and December. A spa experience should be enjoyed especially at this time of year to appreciate the difference between the cold of the air and the warmth of the hot springs. And then, let’s face it, in autumn you walk better and you walk more. And at the end of the “tour”, there is nothing better than a nice relaxing bath. Where…? Here we suggest you about.

Szechenyi Spa, Budapest

Located in the large Varosliget Park, in the heart of the Hungarian capital, the first facility dates back to 1881 but, from 1918 onwards, the tourist fame of these spas has grown dramatically. New pools and new palaces were added and today the Szechenyi complex is the largest on the continent! Here you swim in a real system of lakes, in front of a group of buildings that look like a royal palace! All around you the timeless beauties of Budapest. To get there, you land at Budapest International Airport (BUD) and travel easily by taxi or shuttle towards the centre.


Spa, Belgium

The city of Spa inherited its thermal industry from the ancient Romans, and in turn gave the world its own name as a synonym – in English, but not only – of the word “baths”. Located on the hill overlooking the small center of the Liège region, these spas are among the oldest, most elegant and efficient in Europe. They are also very large, which allows you to always find space for treatments. Your autumn holiday can take place among the monuments of Liège, the small and delicious cafés and Belgian patisseries. The closest airport to reach Spa is Liège’s, but many also land in Brussels Airport (BRU).


Lesbos Spa, Greece

They are the oldest spas in the world, in the sense of being used the longest ever. They are located on the Greek island of Lesbos and combine perfectly with the landscapes, the ancient beauties and above all the climate of the Greek archipelago, which is very pleasant in autumn. The springs of Lesbos are divided into various pools scattered around the island (including the Therma pools, which give their name to the spa in the Latin world). To get to Lesbos you first land in Athens (ATH), then with a local flight you arrive at the small airport of Mytilini.


Saturnia’s Spa, Italy

Italy dominates the autumn holidays because precisely in this season the many art cities of this country become more beautiful and more accessible. In Tuscany, needless to say, Florence, Pistoia, Siena, Pisa… there is no shortage of cultural and artistic itineraries. And there is no shortage of spas, too. The most beautiful are those of Saturnia (near Grosseto), consisting of natural pools arranged to slope down the side of a hill, also forming romantic waterfalls. This all surrounded by the sweet Tuscan countryside! The most convenient airports if you want to reach this location are Florence (FLR) and Pisa.


Spa of De Graena, Spain

Located a few kilometers from Granada, in Andalusia, these spas of Roman and Arab origin are today surrounded by hills and plains which apparently isolate them from the whole world. You come here to totally relax, and bathing in the pools is just one of the many possible relaxation methods. Your autumn holiday will enjoy the excellent Andalusian climate, and will let you admire spectacular Arab-style architecture, or willingly get lost among the ancient alleys of Granada. The international airport of this city will be your landing place!