Tips for your trip to Alghero


Alghero is not just another lovely Italian holiday. It is a trip to a different world. Different in language – they speak a Catalan Spanish dialect here – different in colours and culture. Not far from Sassari, the town dominates the north-western coast of Sardinia, one of the most charming places in Europe.

It is very important in tourism. Thanks to its airport, in fact, it is a “gate” to the wildest part of the island. In Sardinia there are no highways and railways are not modern, so landing in Alghero means giving a chance to tourism in the north. Tourists arrive directly on place and do not need to face a hard journey across the island.

When to go to Alghero

You can choose every single month of the year for your holiday in Alghero. Sun and warm temperatures are always there in this 48.000 inhabitants town. The west wind makes summer tolerable and spring and autumn perfect. Even winter is a nice season, in Alghero.

How to get to Alghero

Six State Streets meet here, so it is easy to arrive from all over Sardinia. Alghero has a railway station but only local trains stop here. The airport is in Fertilia, 12 km away from the town. It is well connected by local bus service, taxis, private transfers. Rent-a-car service is also available. Alghero has no port, the ships arrive at the nearby Porto Torres harbor.

How to move

Alghero is a nice little city, with a historical core you can easily explore by walking. It is easy to move by bike but most people use the urban bus service ARST.

What to see

The Spanish-like architectures are the main characteristic of the town core. The beautiful and old churches (Santa Maria – 16th century, Santa Maria del Carmelo – 17th century), the many country shrines very typical of the place are worth the visit. All around the town you will visit interesting archaeological sites from the Nuragic Age. Do not miss the medieval towers and walls.

Over 30 wonderful beaches welcome tourists from all over the world. Sandy beaches, rocky shores, islets, natural parks complete the beauty of Alghero and its territory. Also, from Alghero you can move for short trips to charming places such as Sassari, Porto Torres, Asinara.