Tips for your trip to Cagliari

Cagliari Airport Transfers

People come to Sardinia and only think of the wonderful sea, of the “villas” of the billionaires, of the crazy nightlife. Not many come and visit the towns and cities of the island, especially Cagliari, the chief town. And Cagliari has so much to tell! The very first human traces, here, date back to 3000 BC and are still visible in the surroundings. The city was founded 8 centuries before Christ and since then has been growing all around its natural harbour, Stagno Santa Gilla. You should visit Cagliari, at least once in your life, in order to understand the soul of the people and tradition of Sardinia, this small paradise on Earth.

When to go to Cagliari

Cagliari welcomes tourists every time, in the year. Summers here are crowded and hot, the remaining seasons have nice weather and few rains. In the winter, temperatures rarely drop below 10°C. The best time for both visiting Cagliari and enjoy the sea is late spring.

How to get to Cagliari

Most tourists arrive to Cagliari by boat or by airplane. Cagliari’s port is one of the most important in Italy, both for commercial and tourist ships. The local airport, Mameli Elmas Airport, mainly welcomes low-cost companies and is particularly busy in the summer. It is well connected with the city (6 km away) by bus services, a special railway line, private transfer and taxis.

How to move

In Cagliari you can easily move by bus or by tramways. The old town is small, you can explore it also on foot. In Sardinia there is no motorway at all, so if you want to visit the local district you better rent a car and explore the State Streets meeting in Cagliari from all over the island.

What to see

Cagliari’s old town is a lovely collection of 18th and 19th century buildings, old churches – Cathedral of the Assumption (1258), St Saturnino (5th century), St Michael and St Anna both dating 18th century – and parks. Worth to admire the Art Nuveau elegant palaces (Valdes, Merello, Balletto, Accardo), the Royal Palace, the Old Town Hall.

Cagliari has ancient military heritages, such as the Castle San Michele, St Remy Fortress, St Ignatius Fortress and part of the old Walls. Some archaeological ruins are both in the city -Amphitheatre, Villa Tigellio – and in the outskirts, as the Tuvixeddu Cemetery.