Tips for your trip to Formentera


A very long and wide golden beach with the sea waves caressing it, this is a very widespread image associated with Formentera, the ancient “wheat (frumentum) island” of the Romans, now a tourism paradise. Formentera is associated with Ibiza, thanks to which it obtains the main air connection (Ibiza Airport – IBZ) and with which it shares the tourist flows that bring well-being to the entire Spanish Pityusic-Balearic archipelago. For many years this island has been a destination for a particular type of tourism… that of nudists (naturists), hippies and the LGBT world. Today, however, it has broadened its horizons and welcomes everyone.

When to go to Formentera

The best time in the year to enjoy a holiday in Formentera is between July and October. In the summer there is lively movement, party, celebrations but also a lot of crowds. The sea is warm, though, and the climate is perfect. Autumn brings with it lower temperatures, but the sea remains warm and still invites you to swim. On the other hand, you can also explore the island without suffering from the heat and enjoy the historical itineraries.

Travel documents

Of course Formentera is also a part of EU and the Schengen Agreement area. This means you can enter this island by only showing an identity document – passport or identity card from their own country. If you come from a “non-Schengen” nation, you must show a valid passport – up to three months after the date of your arrival.

What to pack for your trip to Formentera

Above all, bring light clothes, bathing suits of all kinds, comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses and sun cream to Formentera. Don’t forget your cameras, if you use them, because the scenarios of Formentera offer images that are truly too beautiful to limit your photos to just a smartphone’s.

How to get to Formentera

To reach Formentera the reference airport is Ibiza. Once you land on the nearby island, you board the scheduled ferries or private boats and effortlessly reach your holiday destination which is not that far from Ibiza. The flights that reach Ibiza airport are international, both scheduled and low cost, and arrive from all European countries.

How to move through Formentera

Formentera is an area almost entirely protected as a nature reserve, so asphalt roads are often missing! Distances are minimal, but travel times can be long due to the roads condition. The ideal would be to explore the island on foot, following well-defined and ecological itineraries. But you can get around very well also by bike, e-bike, or electric scooter. There is no shortage of car rental agencies, where you can rent cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Private transport services, such as Transfeero, are increasingly becoming the ideal choice for tourists in Formentera. A tailor-made trip is the best way to enjoy your holiday.

What to see

Dream beaches, unique nature itineraries, towns and villages with delicate architecture… Formentera offers numerous routes to satisfy visitors’ curiosity and their desire for beauty. You certainly shouldn’t miss a visit to San Francesc Xavier, the island’s capital, whose white historic center is a concentration of small shops, markets, churches and museums. Also go and visit the Ses Salines Natural Park, the Punta Prima Tower, the lighthouses Faro de la Mola and Faro Cap de Barbaria.

The beaches in Formentera are all beautiful, but the most famous on the island is Sant Illetes. Among the most charming ever, there is certainly Calò des Mort followed by Mitjorn, Es Pujols, the splendid and immense Es Arenalis or the equally pristine Espalmador.

What to do and NOT to do in Formentera

People go to Formentera to enjoy its sea and dream beaches, either by swimming, by taking part in the nightlife on the sand, or by diving in search of underwater wonders. Sea, sand and sun are the three key elements for a holiday in Formentera, but they must not become the only ones.

The island offers numerous trekking itineraries in nature, with paths that cross the territory both along the coast and inland, making stops in fishing villages and in countryside locations where everything is even more than genuine. Walking, exploring and playing sports is therefore what you will do in Formentera… as well as dancing until dawn and meeting interesting people under the stars.

BEWARE THOUGH! There is also something you MUST NOT DO.

Avoid becoming stuck in a single location and thus losing the true magic of the island. Avoid booking at the last moment and be late when you have an appointment in a public place. Avoid leaving waste – even just a piece of paper – on the beach or on the street, because the hygiene fines here are very high. Avoid getting drunk or … worse, because Spanish law does not give discounts to those who disturb the peace of the holiday in a state of mind alteration.