Tips for your trip to Kos


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Kos Airport Transfers (KGS)

To some people it is “Coo” to most part of the world it is “Kos”. No matter how you like to call it, this island is a natural wonder, a real paradise on Earth. Of course we are in Greece, in the Dodecanese Archipelago, south east Aegean Sea. Kos is one of the three largest islands of the group and the most popular too. Your holiday here will be magic … thoroughly.

When to go to Kos

Every single month, every week is perfect for a holiday to Kos island. Maybe you should not come in winter, just because all tourist services may be closed and you will have to get used to the slow way of life of the locals. But the climate is still warm, pleasant, good for living in the open air. Of course, spring and summer are the liveliest seasons, so most people prefer to book their holiday between March and September.

How to get to Kos

Kos is directly connected to Athens, Frankfurt and Milan by its international airport dedicated to Hippocrates. Bus services will then connect the airport to every part of the island. The islands nearby offer ferry-boat service to Kos almost every day.

How to move

As you arrive on the island, you better rent a motor scooter or a bike in order to move in an autonomous way. Otherwise you can choose to travel by local buses or taxis. You can also rent a car, but it will be a small size one.

What to see

The beaches, this is the main goal a tourist has when he/she arrives in Kos. This island has wonderful bays and the sea is stunning. So do not miss your relax and swimming in one of these places. The best beaches in Kos are:  Kardamena, Agios Theologos, Mastichari, Paradise Beach, Therma.

The first doctor of European history is supposed to have lived here, so you can admire many places concerning Hippocrates life and acts. Hippocrates’ Plain Tree, for example, in Kos Town; the Asklepeion temple and medicine academy, too. The island is full of old Greek ruins, of course (Odeon, Gymnasion).

The town has traces of old dominations. Mosques, fountains and arches from the Ottomans, elegant buildings from the Italians, the old medieval Castle.  Go visit the beautiful Cathedral, whose shape reminds more of a mosque rather than a christian church. The hot springs are a modern version of the old Roman Thermae. You can still enjoy them in local spa. If you love it, you can also sail and do snorkeling, here.