Tips for your trip to Larnaca


Larnaca is the city of reunion, the city of peace, not far from the border between Greek and Turkish Cyprus. The city belongs to the Greek part of the island, but shares traditions and culture also with the Turkish. Tourists, anyway, just know it is a wonderful place where to spend a few relaxing days on the sea. Since year 1000 BC, Larnaca overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and 4 salt lakes which are part of its long time beauty.

When to go to Larnaca

Summer is the best time of the year to enjoy Larnaca, as far as tourist services are concerned. But every season is good, for your stay here. The city is a dry, warm place, few rains and nice temperatures all the time.

How to get to Larnaca

Larnaca International Glafcos Clerides Airport is the second airport of Cyprus. This is the place where your flight will land, if you come to the northern part of the Greek island. Set 8 km away from the city, it is connected to it by bus services, taxis and private transfers. If you land in Nicosia, the best way to reach Larnaca is by local buses.

How to move

In Larnaca tourists usually move by bus, or by the nice local taxis. Many people love to walk, in order to better discover the monuments and places of interest of the city. Sometimes you can go by boat to explore the nearby beaches.

What to see

A small places telling the story of two cultures, this lovely city has both christian and muslim monuments. The church of St Lazarus and the mosque of Umm Haram are both beautiful. Also worth the visit the Larnaca Castle, and the monument to Slaughter of Armenians. Two statues remind the world that ancient Greek general Cymmon and the philosopher Zenon were born here.

Larnaca’s salt lakes are the natural beauty you shall not miss. The largest lake is on the road  from the airport to town. It is a big pond, the remaining of the sea which was closed by a dam in ancient times. Here you can admire many beautiful birds, including pink flamingos. The beaches tourists love, in Larnaca, are: Faros, Kastella, Finikoudes.