Tips for your trip to Lisbon


Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal is the new goal for European travelers. They discovered a city which can be old, modern, lively, elegant, crazy and mysterious at the same time. Plus, a wonderful landscape all around it. Thanks to the many airplane connections, Lisbon is easy to reach. You can spend there a full 14-day vacation or just one weekend. Here is what you must know, before you go and explore the  beautiful westernmost capital in Europe.

When to go to Lisbon

Weather here is typical Oceanic. This means summer is hot but windy, while winters are nice. Unfortunately, rain and storms are often a problem. So you better plan your stay in this city from March to October. Avoid the very rainy cold months.

How to get to Lisbon

Lisbon is far from the most important European capitals, but it is a well connected city. Three railway stations allow trains from Spain and France to arrive, daily. The port is mainly commercial but it often welcomes cruise ships. The best and fastest way to get to Lisbon is by airplane. You will land at Portela International Airport, 10 km north of the city. Bus services, taxis and private transfer plus the modern Red Line Subway take people to and from Lisbon.

How to move

The new subway helps connecting the whole urban area, but there are many different ways to move throughout Lisbon. You can use city buses, taxis, one tramway and three cableways (elevadores). Except for taxis, all urban means of transport in Lisbon are managed by Carris Company.

What to see

Bridges, in Lisbon, are the main monuments. You can admire so many, over River Tago and over the bay. Vasco de Gama Bridge is the most spectacular. The 25 April Bridge looks like an European copy of San Francisco’s red bridge.

Worth the visit: the gothic-romanic Cathedral, the wonderful Los Jeronimos Monastery, the Monument to Discoveries. This one is dedicated to Columbus, De Gama, Vespucci and other explorers. Every single palace, square, street in the historical “Old Town” is worth your attention. Do not miss a visit to the beautiful city parks or the panoramic points, on the hills all around.