Tips for your trip to London

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London needs no introduction. The world knows it, the planet loves it. London is expensive, chaotic, elegant, crazy, beautiful. If you have not been there yet, you certainly will someday. Because London is a dream that comes true. It is your holiday, THE perfect holiday. The trip for the life, and you should plan and enjoy it thoroughly. Here are some tips for the best way to organize your Londonese vacation.

When to go to London

The best period in the year to visit London is late spring or autumn. But basically there is no rule. You can always visit this incredible city, because every single season has colours, events, things to do here. Summer is never too hot, here, but sometimes temperatures can rise above 35°C. In that case the climate is humid and sultry. Winter, and especially Christmas Season, can be magic, in London. Must try!

How to get to London

The capital is connected to the world and all the world can always get to this city, no matter the means. Of course, Great Britain is an island. So ship and airplane are the best and fastest ways to arrive. But if you are already in England, or if you arrive from France (and use the famous submarine Tunnel) you can come by bus, by car or by train too.

A1, M1 and M25 are the most important British motorways and they all lead to London. Over 50 railway stations let the trains from all over the continent arrive to the centre of London. As for the airports, the capital of the UK has seven, and four of them are international and intercontinental. The most important is London Heathrow (LHR), followed by Gatwick (LGW) and London City (LCY). Then you can also use Stansted Airport (STN), Luton (LTN) and Biggin Hill Airport (BQH).

All airports are well connected to the city metropolitan area and to its central and historical part. Buses, subways, taxis, private transfers, rent-a-car, trains are available everywhere, all the time. Ships can arrive to Londonby sailing along River Thames. This is not a common means for tourism anymore, though.

How to move

Ferry-boats can be a nice idea, anyway. They are the most romantic way to visit London and its great river. Tourists who are already there love them for moving through the city. Another famous “tourist means” is the bus, especially the red urban bus. Once it used to be a two-store bus, now only a few of them remain for the joy of foreigners. The Tube, that is the famous subway, is the fastest way to move throughout the wide metropolitan hinterland.

Taxis are a timeless institution. You can use them just to let the world know “you did it”. Tramways are active only in the south of London, but you could use one of the many urban trains. London is not yet a “bike friendly” city, even if it is trying to become one. You can ride a bike in London, but be careful and never underestimate traffic.

What to see

Ninety per cent of London monuments are famous in the world. You certanly have seen them, or heard about them. A lifetime is not enough to visit them all, but you can plan to see the most important anyway. Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are the must see! The London Eye Wheel, the Tower Bridge and the stunning view of Westminster Palaces cannot be missed!  A place to see is the shrine of culture, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Go visit also: St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral, Kensington Palace, Chelsea. There are hundreds museums in London and all of them are worth the visit. You cannot see them all, but try to go to National Gallery, British Museum, Museum of Science, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. You can also walk in the streets just to admire the Victorian architectures. Enjoy the night life and the colours of the local pubs. Admire modern London, with the new St Mary Axe skyscraper, the O2 Arena, the shining buildings of the new City.