Tips for your trip to Pantelleria

They call it “the Black Pearl” because of its black and reddish rocks, the result of ancient volcanic eruptions. They also call it “the Daughter of the Wind” because this element is very usual on the island of Pantelleria, a strip of Italy a few nautical miles from Tunis. Those who have been frequenting it for a long time love its long relaxing days, its dwarf vines that grow protected by high walls in the fairy-taleish “Giardini Panteschi”, its beaches. Anyone who discovers it today falls in love with it to the point of wanting to come back again and again. This island – the last frontier of Europe… or the first frontier of Paradise – is truly the place where every holiday turns into a dream. You can’t help but imagine discovering it too…!

When to go to Pantelleria

In the summertime. Of course you have to come and enjoy Pantelleria in summer, in the season of sea and sun. But given that we are a stone’s throw from Africa and summer can be truly traumatic here, the advice is to book between April and June, or from the end of August to October. Pantelleria is also wonderful in winter, although in that season it is more suitable for those who are not really afraid of solitude!

Travel Documents

In order to enter Pantelleria, which is part of Italy, most tourists need to show their passport and/or their ID paper. If they come from a nation of the Schengen Agreement, they will only need to have an ID paper to enter. If you come from a “non-Schengen” nation, you must show a passport – valid up to three months after the date of your arrival.

What to pack for your trip to Pantelleria

If you go to Pantelleria you must pack swimsuits, light clothes, summer shoes, hats, sunglasses and sun cream. You must not forget anything you need for scuba diving, even the underwater camera if you have it. Bring everything that allows you to take videos and photos, because this island should not be forgotten! Remember that you will be walking a lot, so bring comfortable shoes. And don’t forget a windbreaker and some warmer clothes, because at night the wind gets cold even in the height of summer.

How to get to Pantelleria

To reach Pantelleria you will find direct flights from any major Italian airport (Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa, Naples) but above all from the airports of Catania (CTA) and Palermo (PMO). Pantelleria has its own airport, small but very efficient. Pantelleria Airport ( PNL ) is well connected to the entire territory of the island, given the short distances that are easily covered with shuttles and electric vehicles!

How to move through Pantelleria

To get around the island, rental vehicles (electric cars and scooters) are ideal. Rental agencies are easy to find both at the airport and in town. You can also travel with local public transport shuttles and obviously with the more comfortable and personalized solutions of private transfer companies. Don’t forget that Pantelleria must be explored – and enjoyed! – on foot, where possible. Or by boat.

What to see

In Pantelleria you shall admire some very old history traces and wonderful nature. The island’s short distances will allow you to easily explore many places and monuments, creating memories you will never forget. What you shall never miss is, for sure, the Specchio di Venere (Mirror of Venus) crater lake, if you want to swim in a very special environment. Do go admire the Elephant Arch, a rocky arch overlooking the wild Mediterranean waves. As for nature, you must also explore Gadir Bay, Lake Ondine or the Benikulà grotto … where the natural hot springs of Sibà find their place.

If you want to live the emotion of Pantelleria’s sunsets, go trekking up to the Montagna Grande hill and enjoy the orange sky from up there. If you are looking for history and tradition, the Sesi megaliths are a very exciting place to see. So are the village’s Acropolis and the Castle. You will certainly taste some delicious local wines (Passito) maybe sitting by a Pantesco Garden, the stone-fenced little vineyards which make Pantelleria special.


What to do and NOT to do in Pantelleria

In Pantelleria you must enjoy the sea, go scuba diving, relax and enjoy the Passito wine. You must also taste the delicious local fish/sea-fruits dishes.

You MUST NEVER leave waste, invade the restricted traffic zone with unauthorized means, make bonfires on the beach, leave clothes, towels or surfboards in areas considered “protected vegetation” as per signs which must always be respected. It would also be forbidden to bring natural “souvenirs”, because everything on Pantelleria is protected, from algae to stones to small plant specimens that form a unique biosystem.