Tips for your trip to Paris


Paris, just the name means everything. A holiday in Paris, a date in Paris, a wedding proposal in Paris. City of culture, dreams, romantic and tourism, of course. Once in life, you must go to Paris. And if you go, you should be prepared to enjoy it thoroughly. So take our suggestions and make sure your vacation will be unforgettable. The capital of France is the perfect place for everyone. People who love history and art, people who love night life, those who like architecture and boats. Come visit this city, you will never have another holiday like this.

When to go to Paris

Paris is beautiful all the time. There is no specific season of the year for planning your trip over there. Summer is never too hot, it is windy and nice. Rainy spring and autumn are still full of perfumes and warm temperatures. Winter is cold and can be very cold too, sometimes. But imagine the magic of this city with Christmas Lights. Will you ever miss it?

How to get to Paris

Set at the core of many European crossings, Paris is easy to reach from every region of the continent. It has many efficient means of transport and structures to welcome tourists. You can get there by train from all over Europe, and from Asia as well. Thanks to the new submarine tunnel, you can get here by train also from the UK.

If you arrive by airplane, four large airports will welcome you. The most famous and the largest one is Charles De Gaulle, which collects international flights from all over the world. It is 30 km off the city area but well connected by taxis, buses, private transfers and trains. Orly Airport is closer – 20 km – and also well connected. You can also land at Beauvais-Tillé (90 km from Paris) and if you are rich enough to have your own private plane, Le Bourget Airport is the one for you.

Arriving by car, all French motorways meet in Paris. The city is surrounded by three ring roads, the inner one (Boulevard Péripherique) and two outside, road A86 Ile de France and road N104 Francilienne.

How to move

Paris has a very large urban area but moving throughout it is easy and fast. Many lines of bus service help tourists and local people to reach the different departments, so do the tramways. The famous subway, le métro, has 14 lines and others to add in the future. You can also move by trains, since the many local stations allow people to use the train as a bus service, all day and night.

What to see

Everyone knows the beauty of Paris. Its monuments are famous worldwide. You cannot come to Paris and not go to the Champs Elysees, to the Louvre Museum, or enjoy the view from the top of the Tour Eiffel. The Opera Theatre, the many museums, the churches – Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, St Pierre Montmartre, Pantheon, St Germain, Sante Chapelle… – are jewels must to see. And more: Montmartre hill, River Seine, Versailles, Disneyland. And of course, do not miss the squares of the bright night life of the “city of the lights”. It takes a whole lifetime to really see Paris. So you better plan another trip soon.