Why Transfeero?

Transfeero’s aim: to connect partners and clients worldwide, to build a new base for a global and professional ground transportation service.

Most of the chauffeur, transfer and limousine companies have unused capacity. We would like to collaborate to help them grow their business and to earn more money.



Your workday – plan it right

The client books the ride on Transfeero in advance, so you are free to accept the one that fits perfect in your daily schedule. Transfeero will inform you as soon as there will be another booking close to your location. Take a guest to the airport? Why not checking Transfeero thereafter to see if there is another guest waiting already at the same site for a pick-up?


Regular Payment

You can accept all the offers from Transfeero, which you can handle. After the ride is completed you will receive the regular payment directly to your bank account.

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