ONEMILE Loyalty Program


Explore More, Save More with Transfeero’s ONEMILE Loyalty Program

Are you a frequent traveler looking for ways to save on your trips while enjoying the luxury of private transfers? Look no further, as Transfeero introduces the ONEMILE Loyalty Program, designed exclusively for our discerning clients who wish to travel with comfort and convenience.

This innovative program is tiered to ensure that the more you travel, the more you save. Let's explore the exclusive benefits that come with each ascending level of the ONEMILE program.

One Mile, credit Miles
Explore fresh heights in travel perks.

Explorer Level 1

Start your journey with Transfeero and quickly earn your way to a 5% discount on all bookings once you reach 50 miles. This beginner's tier is perfect for those who are embarking on the road to frequent travels and appreciates savings along the way.

Voyager Level 2

Elevate your travel game to 300 miles and unlock a generous 8% discount on all Transfeero bookings. As a Voyager, you’re not just getting from point A to B, you’re accumulating savings while you’re at it.

Elite Level 3

For the elite travelers who traverse 600 miles, a prestigious 10% discount awaits. As a Premium, the world is your oyster, and with this top-tier discount, your pearls of savings can become as plentiful as your adventures.

The ONEMILE program embarks on its journey every year on 1st January and concludes on the 31st of December. This annual period not only encourages you to explore new horizons but also to do so with enticing incentives.

And there's more good news. If you reach at least Level 1 by the end of the program year, you will retain your status and continue to enjoy your benefits into the new program year without interruption. However, as all good things come to conditions, any miles not elevated to Level 1 status by the end of the program year would unfortunately be lost.

With ONEMILE, you are not just earning discounts; you're building a relationship with a brand that acknowledges and rewards your loyalty. We value our customers and strive to enhance your travel experiences, one mile at a time.

Join the ONEMILE Loyalty Program today. It’s simple, rewarding, and seamless. Register through our website and start turning your miles into savings. At Transfeero, we are excited to welcome you on board and accompany you on your journey towards a world of discounts and premium travel experiences.

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