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      Information about Gold Coast Airport

      Gold Coast Airport is an international airport, located at the southern end of the Gold Coast and approx. 90 km from Brisbane (Australia). The two states, Queensland and New South Wales, where the airport lies inbetween have two different time zones during the summer. The Gold Coast Airport operates on Queensland Time during the whole year. It is the sixth-busiest airport in the country. As travelers search for the perfect blend of sun, surf, and exceptional travel convenience, Gold Coast Airport stands as an impeccable gateway to Australia’s beloved coastal paradise. Nestled at the southern end of the Gold Coast, the airport is strategically positioned on the border between Queensland and New South Wales, offering visitors a warm welcome to the region’s stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and family-friendly attractions.

      A Modern International Hub

      Serving as the sixth-busiest airport in Australia, Gold Coast Airport has evolved into a key hub for domestic and international flights, connecting passengers to all corners of the globe. The expansion and modernization efforts of recent years have transformed it into a state-of-the-art facility that retains its relaxed, coastal charm—a reflection of the lifestyle cherished by residents and envied by visitors.

      Services Inside

      From the moment passengers step off their planes, they can immediately sense the laid-back ambiance permeating through the terminal. The airport boasts a range of amenities that cater to the needs of diverse travelers; duty-free shopping, local boutiques, a wide array of dining options, and essential services like car rental counters make for a convenient transition from air to land. For the tech-savvy, free Wi-Fi keeps everyone connected, ensuring that both business and leisure passengers can share their arrival or plan the next leg of their journey with ease.

      Transfeero’s Private Transportation

      Transportation to and from the airport is seamless, with options to suit every preference and budget. Whether opting for a private transfer with companies such as Transfeero or selecting the public shuttle and bus services, accessing the glittering Gold Coast and its surrounding areas is straightforward and stress-free.

      Welcome to the Australian Paradise

      Beyond the terminal, Gold Coast Airport is a stone’s throw from iconic destinations such as Surfers Paradise, Coolangatta, and the scenic Tweed Coast. It also serves as a convenient starting point for exploring world-renowned natural wonders like the lush hinterlands and theme parks that offer family fun throughout the year. In conclusion, Gold Coast Airport exemplifies ease and accessibility, encapsulating the vibrant energy and natural beauty for which the region is famed. Whether visiting to surf legendary waves, indulge in the Gold Coast’s cultural scene, or conduct business in a picturesque setting, the airport provides the ideal beginning and end to any journey in this slice of Australian paradise.

      Booking a private transfer in Gold Coast

      Navigating through airport logistics after a long flight can often be a daunting prospect. That’s where the convenience of a reliable airport transfer service comes into play. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, arranging your transport from Gold Coast Airport in advance can save you time and hassle. Here’s how to make the right choice for your airport travel needs.

      Try the Local Shuttles

      When considering an airport pickup at Gold Coast Airport, you’ll want to weigh your options. The airport shuttle service is a popular choice for those looking for a balance between cost-effectiveness and comfort. These shuttles run at scheduled times and can drop you off at various points, making them a practical option if your destination aligns with their route.

      Chauffeur Service

      For the ultimate in ease and flexibility, you might consider engaging a chauffeur service. A professional chauffeur can offer not just a one-time airport car service but also an hourly service, giving you the freedom to attend meetings, explore attractions, or run errands at your leisure. This service is tailored to those who appreciate the finer details, like having a knowledgeable local at the wheel.

      Private Transportation

      For those who desire a bit more luxury or privacy, a private car service might be the preferred avenue. This type of service, also offered by companies like Transfeero, ensures that a car is waiting exclusively for you upon arrival, whisking you away to your accommodation without any of the waiting associated with shared services. This is an especially appealing option for business travelers or those who have a packed itinerary.

      Another factor to consider is the affordability of the airport transfer. An affordable airport transfer doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality. Transfeero offers competitive rates on both their airport shuttle and private car services, allowing you to choose among their fleet of well-maintained vehicles, and their customer service.

      Start Your Vacation With Relax

      In essence, Gold Coast Airport boasts several transfer options to accommodate diverse preferences and needs. Whether it’s the communal feel of an airport shuttle, the elegance of a private car service, or the tailored touch of a chauffeur with an hourly service, your journey can be as seamless as the coastal breezes of the Gold Coast. Booking your transfer in advance is the first step to a stress-free start to your visit.

      Information about Gold Coast

      One of the most tourist places in Australia, in the southeast corner of Queensland, the “Gold Coast” beckons with its sun-drenched beaches, thrilling theme parks, and vibrant nightlife. This coastal gem is a symphony of natural wonders, sophisticated urban vibes, and endless entertainment, making it a sought-after destination for travelers worldwide.

      Sun, Surf, and Pristine Sands

      The Gold Coast’s coastline stretches over 57 kilometers, boasting some of the most iconic beaches in Australia. Surfers Paradise, a postcard-worthy spot, lives up to its name with perfect waves for surfers and soft golden sands for sun-seekers. For a more tranquil beach experience, explore the idyllic shores of Burleigh Heads or Coolangatta, where crystal-clear waters embrace the coastline.

      Adventures for Everyone

      Beyond the beach, the Gold Coast is synonymous with excitement. Home to major theme parks like Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, and Dreamworld, it offers adrenaline-pumping rides, family-friendly attractions, and encounters with Australia’s unique wildlife. Those seeking natural thrills can venture into the lush hinterlands, where walking trails lead to enchanting waterfalls and scenic lookouts.

      Vibrant Coastal Culture

      As the sun sets, the Gold Coast transforms into a bustling hub of cultural festivities. Explore the local culinary scene with award-winning restaurants serving fresh seafood and international delicacies. The nightlife sizzles with stylish bars, clubs, and live music venues, providing entertainment until the early hours.

      Endless Opportunities for Relaxation

      Recharge at one of the many luxurious resorts, spas, or golf courses, all designed to provide an oasis of relaxation and pampering. The Gold Coast also offers a plethora of shopping experiences from high-end boutiques to sprawling markets, ensuring that retail enthusiasts are never left wanting.

      An Accessible Paradise

      Easily accessible by air, with the Gold Coast Airport hosting domestic and international flights, this coastal beauty is a convenient escape for everyone. Additionally, the region is known for its excellent public transport system, making navigation a breeze for visitors.

      The Gold Coast is more than a destination; it’s a vibrant lifestyle that beckons you to immerse yourself in its charm. Whether you crave the rush of the waves, the thrill of an adventure, or the serenity of nature, this Australian haven promises an unforgettable escape.

      Things to see in Gold Coast

      The Gold Coast is a vibrant, sun-drenched destination where sweeping sandy beaches meet the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Renowned for its subtropical climate, theme parks, surfing spots, and high-rise skyline, this coastal city attracts millions of visitors each year. Gold Coast is synonymous with thrills and entertainment: its beaches, such as Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, and Burleigh Heads, are not only perfect for sunbathing and swimming but are also famed for their excellent surf breaks.  Indulge in Gold Coast glamour by living a buzzing nightlife.

      Places to visit, things to see

      • Surfers Paradise Beach 
      • Q1 Tower
      • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
      • Warner Bros. Movie World
      • Dreamworld Theme Park
      • Sea World Marine Park
      • Byron Bay
      • Coolangatta Beach
      • Lamington National Park
      • Springbrook National Park
      • Brisbane
      • Toowoomba

      Transportation options in Gold Coast

      Exploring the sunny shores and vibrant scenes of Gold Coast, Australia, is a dream for many travelers. Ensuring you understand the local transportation options can help make your visit as smooth as the coastal breezes. Whether you’re looking for convenience, comfort, or cost-effectiveness, Gold Coast’s array of transport means caters to every type of visitor.

      Private Transfers and Chauffeur Services

      Begin your Gold Coast adventure in style with a pre-booked private transfer or chauffeur service from the airport, which is especially convenient for those traveling in groups or with significant luggage. Transfeero provides tailored solutions, ensuring you arrive at your destination promptly and with ease. Our reliable drivers are knowledgeable about the quickest and most scenic routes, allowing you to relax or get a head-start on sightseeing.

      Public Transportation

      When it comes to budget-friendly options, public transportation is a great choice. The Gold Coast offers a vast network of buses that connect most beaches, shopping centers, and attractions. The G:link tram, another popular option, traverses key areas of the city, from Broadbeach to Helensvale, with trams arriving every 7 to 15 minutes.

      Car Rentals and Taxis

      For those who prefer setting their own pace, car rentals allow for ultimate flexibility to explore the Gold Coast and its surroundings. Navigate the coastal roads or head to the hinterland at your own rhythm. Taxis are also widely available, offering fast and convenient transport for shorter trips or when public transport isn’t an option.

      Shuttle Services

      Ideal for solo travelers or those keen on cost-sharing, shuttle services offer a middle ground between public buses and private transfers. These scheduled services provide transportation to and from the airport and major tourist locales, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

      Active Transport: Bike Rentals and Walking Paths

      Gold Coast’s beautiful climate encourages outdoor activities, and bike rentals or walking along the countless beachfront paths offer a delightful way to absorb the area’s natural beauty. It’s not only a chance to exercise but an eco-friendly way to connect with the city’s charm.

      In conclusion, Gold Coast’s transportation options are as plentiful as its attractions. Whether you book a private transfer with Transfeero for an elegant entrance, hop on a tram to mingle with the locals, or rent a bike for coastal explorations, navigating this gem of Australia is an effortless affair. Embrace the convenience and start planning your journey through the sparkling Gold Coast today.

      💰 Best value: Economy Taxi
      🌍 Business or leisure: Standard Sedan Class
      👪 For groups or families: Standard Van Class
      💎 A touch of luxury: First Class Services
      🚌 Best for large groups: Minibus or coach transfer

      Destination Transfer time Distance Price
      Brisbane 1h 08 min 99 Km / 61.52 Miles USD 99.65
      Byron Bay 46 min 67 Km / 41.63 Miles USD 88.45
      Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 06 min 5 Km / 3.11 Miles USD 66.75
      Lamington National Park 1h 06 min 65 Km / 40.39 Miles USD 87.75
      Q1 Tower 28 min 21 Km / 13.05 Miles USD 72.35
      Sea World Marine Park 35 min 27 Km / 16.78 Miles USD 74.45
      Springbrook National Park 1h 00 min 61 Km / 37.90 Miles USD 86.35
      Surfers Paradise Beach 28 min 22 Km / 13.67 Miles USD 72.70
      Toowoomba 2h 18 min 202 Km / 125.52 Miles USD 135.70
      Warner Bros Movie World 35 min 40 Km / 24.85 Miles USD 79.00

      Car service and Chauffeur service Gold Coast Airport

      Maximum comfort and safety for your transfer to Gold Coast . Our drivers will monitor your flight as they greet you at Gold Coast Airport . Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign indicating your name and of course, if you wish, he will assist you with your luggage. Rely on a Transfeero driver for Gold Coast Airport and you will be in safe hands. Our drivers are professional and have all the licenses required by law. Your stay in Gold Coast cannot start in a better way.

      Book your transfer fromGold Coast Airportand enjoy your vacation or business trip smoothly

      Gold Coast Airport

      Gold Coast Airport
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      Gold Coast
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      Gold Coast Airport

      Gold Coast Airport Transfers (OOL)


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      Transfer Economy Taxi Economy Taxi Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer Standard Class Standard Class Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer First Class First Class Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer SUV Limo Class SUV Up to 6 Passengers
      Standard Van Van Standard Up to 7 Passengers
      Transfer First Van Class Van First Class Up to 6 Passengers
      Minibus Minibus Up to 16 Passengers
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      Journey details

      Want to know more about your journey from/to Gold Coast Airport? We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers to help you plan your journey.

      What are the Gold Coast Airport Taxi fares?

      With TRANSFEERO you will always have the guarantee to find the best rates for your transfer from Gold Coast Airport. All included at a fixed price and without surprises. A Rate for a transfers from Gold Coast Airport includes all local taxes, tolls, parking and VAT.

      How can I book online a transfer?

      Very simple! Enter the airport, enter your destination or pick-up point, date, time and number of passengers. You will see the best offers for your Transfer from / to Gold Coast Airport .

      Why should I book a Gold Coast Airport taxi transfer in advance?

      You will be greeted directly at the exit of the terminal or baggage hall by one of our professional drivers with a name tag, indicating your name or the main passenger. No waiting for a taxi. The other advantage of booking your transfer from Gold Coast Airport in advance is to have the guarantee of a fixed price (no surprises, no hidden costs).

      How much does a taxi cost from Gold Coast Airport?

      Rates vary according to your destination but generally for the center of Gold Coast the rate is USD 66.75.

      Where do I meet my driver?

      Your driver will be waiting for you just outside the arrivals gate ofGold Coast Airport, holding a sign with your name clearly written on it. You will receive an e-mail and an Text-message containing the name and telephone number of your driver.

      What do I do if my flight is delayed?

      Our drivers receive constant updates, if you are aware of any delays please contact us immediately and we will try to rearrange your transfer fromGold Coast Airport

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