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      Information about Beijing Capital Airport

      Beijing Capital Airport was inaugurated in 1958 to initially host government flights and private planes of famous people. In a few years, however, it also opened the runways to commercial and tourist flights so to help the other airports in the capital to handle the increasing traffic. Renovated twice and further enlarged, it already became the leading airport in Asia at the beginning of the 2000s, surpassing Tokyo in terms of the number of passengers in transit. It is of course the prime air gateway into the heart of China’s buzzing capital. As the second busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, Beijing Capital is an icon of efficiency, grandeur, and the ever-evolving face of modern China’s connectivity to the world.

      Airport Structure and Architecture

      Strategically located 32 kilometers northeast of Beijing’s city center, Beijing Capital Airport is an essential hub that caters to millions, offering flights to over 120 destinations across the globe. The airport embodies a blend of traditional Chinese architectural design with cutting-edge facilities, resulting in a harmonious balance that impresses and delights travelers. With three large equipped terminals – Terminal 3 is one of the largest in the world – and three runways (almost 4 km long each), this airport handles 100 million national and international travelers every year! It is the official headquarters of the national air company Air China. A specially dedicated highway connects it directly to central Beijing.

      Services and Amenities

      It’s not just the size that stands out, but also the array of amenities, including a vast array of shopping options, a myriad of dining choices offering both international and authentic local cuisine, and lounges that invite weary travelers to relax in comfort. The land staff at Beijing Capital goes above and beyond to provide assistance, guidance, and a friendly smile to make every traveler’s experience a positive one. Moreover, state-of-the-art facilities ensure accessibility and a hassle-free journey, even for guests with additional needs.

      Transfers and Transports

      For those in need of swift transport to downtown Beijing or connecting flights, the airport’s ground transportation is second to none. The Airport Express Line of the Beijing Subway ensures that the commute to the city is quick and easy, while an array of taxis, buses, and private transfer services, like those offered by Transfeero, are readily available to accommodate all preferences and schedules.

      Your Perfect Arrival

      Beijing Capital Airport doesn’t merely serve as a transit point but an ambassador of the Chinese spirit and hospitality. It will grant your perfect arrival to the nation’s capital. For those who arrive with a spirit of adventure or depart with cherished memories, Beijing Capital  is a cornerstone of their Chinese journey, mirroring the dynamism and growth of this ancient, yet ever-modern city.

      Booking a private transfer in Beijing

      To ensure a smooth transition from the airplane to your accommodation, after your landing at Beijing Capital Airport, considering an airport transfer is a smart choice. Whether it’s the reliability of an airport shuttle service or the exclusivity of a private car service, having your transport arranged in advance can mean one less thing to worry about.

      Taxis, Trains and Other Means

      A large airport as Beijing Capital offers a wide choice of taxi services and of course you shall also find buses, trains and metro. If you prefer an airport shuttle you will have an eco-friendlier and cost-efficient alternative for those conscious of budget and environmental impact. These shuttles are a common sight and a testament to Beijing’s commitment to accessible and convenient airport transfers. Sharing a ride with fellow passengers can also be a great opportunity to exchange travel tips and stories.

      Private Transfers for More Privacy

      For those seeking an even more personalized experience, an airport private car service is your answer. Here, luxury meets convenience; from the moment you collect your luggage, a chauffeur will be ready to escort you to a premium vehicle, reserved just for you and your travel companions – a true representation of an affordable airport transfer without sacrificing quality.

      Frequent travelers and those on business may appreciate the flexibility of hourly service. Imagine having a car at your disposal, available to whisk you from one appointment to the next, all the while safeguarding your belongings and providing a mobile base between engagements. This level of tailored service is exemplary of the efficiency and comfort that can accompany your Beijing sojourn and you can have it thanks to companies like Transfeero.

      Make Your Choice and Book Online

      Upon arrival at Beijing Capital Airport, you may be greeted by a sea of travelers all vying for a ride to their destination. With pre-booked airport pickup, you can avoid  chaos. Not only does this service provide a direct route to your desired location, but it also offers the comfort of knowing that your trip is in the hands of a professional chauffeur, whose expertise will navigate you through the city’s traffic with ease.

      Regardless of your choice, whether an airport shuttle, exclusive car service, or the luxury of a private chauffeur, pre-booking your Transfeero service will undoubtedly enhance your Beijing experience. With easy online booking platforms like our website you can arrange your arrival transport in a few simple clicks. Your journey from the tarmac to the heart of the city is as seamless as the silk for which this historic capital is famed.

      Information about Beijing

      Beijing, the national capital of China, has over 24 million inhabitants. Yet it is not the most populous city in the nation (surpassed in population by Chongqing and Shanghai). According to Chinese standards, it is therefore a city “on a human scale”, where new and old – Beijing boasts a multi-millennial history – coexist in harmony. The new neighbourhoods full of skyscrapers and cottages are slowly erasing historic portions of the city, but the monuments to admire are still numerous. Beijing beckons travelers with its unparalleled blend of historical grandeur and contemporary vibrance. As the nation’s capital for over eight centuries, this is an enchanting destination that promises an adventure through time.

      Explore the Grandeur of Imperial Heritage

      The Forbidden City, a jewel in Beijing’s imperial crown, offers a glimpse into the lives of the emperors who once ruled China’s vast empire. This UNESCO World Heritage site, with its majestic palaces and intricate designs, stands as a testament to the opulence of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Nearby, the sprawling expanse of Tiananmen Square showcases China’s more contemporary history. While the Temple of Heaven, where emperors performed solemn rites for bountiful harvests, captivates visitors with its elegant architecture and tranquil parklands.

      Step Back in Time in the Hutongs

      For those eager to experience Beijing’s traditional heart, the ancient Hutongs, with their narrow lanes and courtyard homes, offer a unique window into the city’s storied past. Lively markets and local eateries tucked away in these historical neighborhoods allow for an authentic taste of Beijing’s culture and cuisine.

      Embrace Modernity in Beijing’s Urban Landscape

      Beijing’s commitment to modernization shines through in its ambitious skyline. The Bird’s Nest Stadium and the Water Cube, both iconic legacies of the 2008 Olympic Games, are brilliant examples of contemporary architectural genius. Art and technology meld in the city’s bustling art districts, where innovation and creativity breathe new life into repurposed spaces.

      Culinary Delights and Rich Culture

      No visit to Beijing is complete without savoring its renowned culinary offerings. From succulent Peking duck to a variety of sumptuous street foods, Beijing’s gastronomic scene is as diverse as it is flavorful. Meanwhile, the city’s performing arts—from the mesmerizing Beijing Opera to spellbinding acrobatic shows—provide a rich cultural tapestry that leaves audiences in awe.

      With a heritage interwoven with moments of profound historical significance and a dynamic pulse thrillingly in tune with the modern world, Beijing is a destination that marries the legacies of the past with the possibilities of the future. It is a city where memories are made, and stories begin, enchanting each visitor with its enduring charm.

      Things to see in Beijing

      Beijing stands as a beacon of Chinese tradition and modernity, a city where ancient temples whisper tales among towering skyscrapers. As the heart of the nation’s culture and history, Beijing invites travelers to weave through its intricate tapestry of sights that capture the essence of China’s majestic past and dynamic present. Whether you’re seeking serenity within the walls of the Forbidden City or yearning for the panoramic views atop the Great Wall, Beijing offers an unforgettable journey for every explorer. A trip to Beijing is both a stride through the corridors of time and a glimpse into China’s rapid modernization. This city is painted with the strokes of dynasties long gone and brushed with the shades of a society in motion, making it an essential destination for anyone eager to experience the breadth of Chinese culture.

      In Beijing you can visit

      • Beihai Park
      • Forbidden City
      • Great Wall
      • Longquan Monastery
      • Ming Tombs
      • New CCTV Building
      • Park Tower
      • Qinhuangdao
      • Summer Palace
      • Tai Miao Temple
      • Tienanmen Square
      • Tientsin

      Transportation options in Beijing

      Beijing, the heart and soul of China, is an electrifying blend of ancient tradition and cutting-edge modernity. As a city that never sleeps, the efficient movement from one spot to another is paramount for locals and tourists alike. Understanding the transport options in Beijing will ensure that your visit is as smooth as it is memorable.

      Airport Transfers & Private Services

      Upon landing at Beijing Capital International Airport, the need for a reliable transfer to your destination is crucial. This is where services like Transfeero come into play, offering a seamless airport pickup service. You can pre-book a private transfer, ensuring your ride awaits you the moment you step out of the arrival gate. Chauffeur services are also available if you’re looking for more than just a one-way transfer, providing you with comfort and convenience.

      Public Transportation – Subway & Bus

      Beijing’s extensive subway system is the fastest way to get around. With its 23 lines and more than 370 stations, it connects all the key areas across the city at a low cost. The lines are color-coded and English signs are plentiful, making navigation simple for non-Mandarin speakers.

      Moreover, the city’s bus network is vast, offering routes that cover length and breadth not serviced by the subway. Buses are economical, though more subject to traffic delays compared to the underground trains.

      Bicycles & E-Bikes

      For a sustainable and healthy transport option, renting a bicycle or e-bike is the best choice. Beijing’s flat landscape has made it a cyclist-friendly environment for years! Apps like Ofo and Mobike provide convenient bike-sharing services accessible right from your smartphone.


      Readily available and reasonably priced, taxis in Beijing can be an appealing choice, especially for shorter distances. Look for the official taxis with meters, and have your destination written in Chinese to avoid any language barriers. Beijing taxi are part of the wealth of transportation options tailored to each visitor’s needs. Just be sure to consider traffic, cost, and personal comfort when selecting your mode of transport to navigate this sprawling and dynamic capital city.

      💰 Best value: Economy Taxi
      🌍 Business or leisure: Standard Sedan Class
      👪 For groups or families: Standard Van Class
      💎 A touch of luxury: First Class Services
      🚌 Best for large groups: Minibus or coach transfer

      Destination Transfer time Distance Price
      Beihai Park 34 min 29 Km / 18.02 Miles USD 48.99
      Forbidden City 37 min 34 Km / 21.13 Miles USD 50.54
      Great Wall 1h 20 min 68 Km / 42.25 Miles USD 61.08
      Longquan Monastery 1h 00 min 66 Km / 41.01 Miles USD 60.46
      Ming Tombs 50 min 60 Km / 37.28 Miles USD 58.60
      New CCTV Building 30 min 28 Km / 17.40 Miles USD 48.68
      Park Tower 28 min 25 Km / 15.53 Miles USD 47.75
      Qinhuangdao 3h 26 min 315 Km / 195.73 Miles USD 137.65
      Summer Palace 36 min 37 Km / 22.99 Miles USD 51.47
      Taimiao Temple 35 min 33 Km / 20.51 Miles USD 50.23
      Tienanmen Square (downtown Beijing) 35 min 33 Km / 20.51 Miles USD 50.23
      Tientsin 1h 55 min 159 Km / 98.80 Miles USD 89.29

      Car service and Chauffeur service Beijing Capital Airport

      Maximum comfort and safety for your transfer to Beijing . Our drivers will monitor your flight as they greet you at Beijing Capital Airport . Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign indicating your name and of course, if you wish, he will assist you with your luggage. Rely on a Transfeero driver for Beijing Capital Airport and you will be in safe hands. Our drivers are professional and have all the licenses required by law. Your stay in Beijing cannot start in a better way.

      Book your transfer from Beijing Capital Airport and enjoy your vacation or business trip smoothly

      Beijing Capital Airport

      Beijing Capital International Airport
      Capital Airport Road, Chaoyang, Shunyi District
      Beijing Capital Airport

      Beijing Capital Airport Transfers (PEK)


      Maximum comfort and safety for your trip
      Licensed vehicles, professional drivers

      Transfer Economy Taxi Economy Taxi Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer Standard Class Standard Class Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer First Class First Class Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer SUV Limo Class SUV Up to 6 Passengers
      Standard Van Van Standard Up to 7 Passengers
      Transfer First Van Class Van First Class Up to 6 Passengers
      Minibus Minibus Up to 16 Passengers
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      Journey details

      Want to know more about your journey from/to Beijing Capital International Airport? We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers to help you plan your journey.

      What are the Beijing Capital Airport Taxi fares?

      With TRANSFEERO you will always have the guarantee to find the best rates for your transfer from Beijing Capital Airport . All included at a fixed price and without surprises. A Rate for a transfers from Beijing Capital Airport includes all local taxes, tolls, parking and VAT.

      How can I book online a transfer?

      Very simple! Enter the airport, enter your destination or pick-up point, date, time and number of passengers. You will see the best offers for your Transfer from / to Beijing Capital Airport .

      Why should I book a Beijing Capital Airport taxi transfer in advance?

      You will be greeted directly at the exit of the terminal or baggage hall by one of our professional drivers with a name tag, indicating your name or the main passenger. No waiting for a taxi. The other advantage of booking your transfer from Beijing Capital Airport in advance is to have the guarantee of a fixed price (no surprises, no hidden costs).

      How much does a taxi cost from Beijing Capital Airport ?

      Rates vary according to your destination but generally for the center of Beijing the rate is USD 41.55.

      Where do I meet my driver?

      Your driver will be waiting for you just outside the arrivals gate ofBeijing Capital Airport , holding a sign with your name clearly written on it. You will receive an e-mail and an Text-message containing the name and telephone number of your driver.

      What do I do if my flight is delayed?

      Our drivers receive constant updates, if you are aware of any delays please contact us immediately and we will try to rearrange your transfer fromBeijing Capital Airport

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