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      Information about Lisbon Airport

      Lisbon Portela -Humberto Delgado Airport, or just Lisbon Airport, is the international airport of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, and the largest airport in the country. It serves millions of passengers each year. As the bustling hub for the charming capital of Lisbon, this modern facility combines a rich history with all the amenities expected of a world-class airport.

      History and Structure

      Established during World War II, in 1942, the airport has undergone extensive developments to cater to the rising volume of travelers. Today, Lisbon Airport features two main runways and two passenger terminals, T1 and T2. T1 handles both domestic and international flights, while T2 is dedicated primarily to low-cost carriers. A complimentary shuttle bus seamlessly connects the two terminals.

      Transfers to and from Airport

      Upon landing at Lisbon Airport, passengers find themselves conveniently located just 7 kilometers from the city center. Availability of ground transportation options—including the Aerobus, metro, taxis, car rentals, and private transfers like those offered by Transfeero—makes the journey into Lisbon both quick and stress-free.

      Airport Services for Travelers

      For those with some time to spare, the airport offers a variety of shops, boutiques, and duty-free stores for a last-minute souvenir or essential travel item. A myriad of dining options, ranging from fast-food to sit-down restaurants, caters to all palates.

      Travelers looking for comfort can indulge in VIP lounges, which offer relaxation away from the busy terminal atmosphere. The airport also provides essential services such as currency exchange, ATMs, and baggage storage to enhance the passenger experience.

      As businesses like Transfeero understand, the importance of a smooth airport experience cannot be overstated. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering reliable transfer services to and from Lisbon Airport. We ensure our clients arrive at their destinations punctually and in style, providing an array of vehicles to suit individual or group needs.

      Lisbon Airport, with its blend of historical charm and contemporary facilities, is a welcoming first stop for visitors exploring the enchanting landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant life of Portugal’s capital. Whether your journey is for business or pleasure, start it with the efficiency and comfort of Lisbon Airport and the bespoke services of a trusted transfer company.

      Booking a private transfer in Lisbon

      Your experience arriving at Lisbon Airport doesn’t have to be hectic – it can be smooth and convenient with the right airport transfer service. Whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure, there’s an array of options to suit your needs, from a luxury chauffeur drive to an affordable airport transfer.

      Airport Shuttle for Immediate Pickup

      Imagine stepping off the plane, collecting your baggage and being greeted by your personal airport pickup service. No more queasy feelings as you figure out public transport maps or haggle with local taxis. An airport shuttle service provides a stress-free solution to reach your hotel, meeting, or holiday destination in Lisbon.

      Pre-booking your airport transfer is a savvy traveler’s move. It guarantees that an airport car service will be waiting for you right when you need it. An efficient shuttle can whisk you away from the busy terminals and drop you at your desired location with the utmost convenience. This is where the renowned Portuguese hospitality begins – with a warm welcome from your dedicated airport shuttle.

      Private Cars and Chauffeurs

      Opting for a private car service gives you the luxury of space, comfort, and privacy. Transfeero could be your happy choice! Your schedule is paramount, and our drivers respect the importance of punctuality and service. Furthermore, Transfeero’s Chauffeur Service isn’t just for airport routes; it’s also available for exploring Lisbon’s numerous attractions at your own pace. Our hourly service ensures you have the flexibility to see the sights without the pressure of tight schedules or the uncertainties of public transport.

      Affordability doesn’t have to compromise quality. Our affordable airport transfer options cater to budget-savvy travelers who still seek excellent service and reliability. Lisbon’s charm awaits you, and we believe that first impressions count. When you choose to book your journey with us, you can trust that your arrival will be as beautiful as the city itself.

      Start Your Lisbon Stay at Best

      Whether you opt for an hourly service with a personal chauffeur or simply require a timely airport pickup, ensuring your ground transportation at Lisbon Airport is sorted in advance can set the tone for a delightful visit. Your adventure in Lisbon begins the moment you land, and what better way to start than with a seamless and comfortable commute to your next destination.

      Information about Lisbon

      Lisbon is the stunning capital and also the largest city of Portugal. It is mainland Europe’s westernmost capital city and the only one along the Atlantic coast. Lisbon is recognised as a global city because of its importance in finance, arts, media, entertainment, international trade, commerce, education and tourism. As a holiday destination, Lisbon offers a rich and varied history, a vibrant nightlife and a glorious year-round climate.

      History and Art

      Lisbon’s historical grandeur is palpable in every corner. Marvel at the iconic Belem Tower, a symbol of Portugal’s Age of Discoveries, standing guard at the mouth of the River Tagus. Just a stone’s throw away, the intricate Jerónimos Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases the stunning Manueline architecture unique to Portugal. Explore the labyrinthine alleys of the Alfama district, the oldest quarter, where Fado music echoes against the time-worn walls, encapsulating the soul of Lisbon.

      Culinary Journey and Vibrant Nightlife

      Indulge in Lisbon’s gastronomic scene, a flavorful blend of fresh seafood, aromatic spices, and indulgent sweets. Sample the iconic pastel de nata at a local pastelaria, and revel in seafood dishes like bacalhau à brás. As the sun sets, the Bairro Alto district comes alive with bars and clubs, making Lisbon’s nightlife one of the most dynamic in Europe.

      Cultural Festivities and Artistic Expression

      Lisbon is a city that celebrates its culture with vigor. Join the locals during the Festas de Lisboa, a series of street festivals honoring Saint Anthony, and immerse yourself in parades, music, and sardine feasts. Art lovers will find solace in galleries like the Berardo Collection Museum, which houses an impressive array of modern and contemporary art.

      Convenience and Connectivity

      For travelers seeking convenience, Lisbon offers excellent connectivity. Whether arriving by air or sea, opting for a reliable private transfer service like Transfeero ensures a hassle-free journey from the airport or port to your desired destination. Our friendly chauffeurs, fluent in local insights, will make your arrival in Lisbon as seamless and comfortable as your explorations.

      Book Your Lisbon Adventure

      Ready to experience Lisbon’s captivating character for yourself? Visit our website and book a private transfer to begin your unforgettable journey through one of Europe’s most enchanting cities. Let Lisbon’s charm sweep you off your feet as you create memories that will last a lifetime.

      Things to see in Lisbon

      Nestled on the sun-kissed shores of Western Europe, Lisbon in Portugal retains an old-world charm effortlessly blended with contemporary allure, making it one of the continent’s most enchanting capitals. Known for its historic landmarks, cobblestone streets, and vivacious cultural scene, Lisbon invites travelers to embark on a journey through time and taste. The landscape is a tapestry of terracotta rooftops and pastel-colored buildings, all watched over by the imposing São Jorge Castle. As you wander through Lisbon’s labyrinthine alleys, each step is a rendezvous with history. The soulful tunes of Fado, Portugal’s traditional music genre, spill out of taverns, enlivening the nightlife quarters with profoundly melancholic melodies that tell tales of the sea and the heart.

      Things to visit in and around Lisbon

      • Lisbon City (Belém Tower, Alfama District, São Jorge Castle, Barrio Alto, Panoramic Point Senhora do Monte, Oceanário, Praça do Comércio)
      • A Dos Cunhados
      • Cascais
      • Coimbra
      • Estoril
      • Ericeira
      • Fatima
      • Nazaré
      • Povos
      • Porto

      Transportation options in Lisbon

      Lisbon, the capital and the largest city of Portugal, is a bustling hub of culture, history, and stunning vistas. Known as the ‘City of Seven Hills,’ navigating around can be quite an experience. Whether you are visiting for leisure or business, understanding your transportation options is key to enjoying all that Lisbon has to offer. Here’s your essential guide to getting around Lisbon with ease and convenience.

      Metro Magic

      Lisbon’s Metro system is one of the most efficient ways to go through the city. With four color-coded lines that cover key districts and tourist sites, it’s a cost-effective option that avoids the surface traffic. The metros run frequently, are clean and safe, and also connect to the city’s larger train stations and airport, making it an excellent choice for first-time visitors and locals alike.

      Iconic Trams & Elevadores

      One of Lisbon’s most iconic transportation methods is its network of trams, with Tram 28 being the most famous, offering a scenic route through historic neighborhoods like Alfama and Graca. Don’t miss out on the unique experience of riding the Elevador de Santa Justa lift, which not only provides a means to climb Lisbon’s steep hills but also offers breathtaking views.

      Bus Routes Abound

      The city’s extensive bus network complements the metro service by providing wider reach across Lisbon. Buses are frequent, and though they can be subject to traffic delays, they serve areas sometimes not accessible by the metro, making them a suitable choice for more adventurous explorers.

      The Comfort of Taxis and Private Transfers

      For those seeking convenience and comfort, taxis and private transfers, like Transfeero, are readily available. They can be hailed on the street or booked online, offering direct, hassle-free transfers from Lisbon Airport to your hotel or other destinations. With Transfeero, you can pre-book your ride and enjoy a personalized meet-and-greet service, ensuring your visit to Lisbon starts smoothly.

      Bike & Go

      Lisbon is increasingly becoming bike-friendly, with dedicated lanes and bike-rental schemes. Cycling is an excellent way to navigate the flatter parts of the city and enjoy its beautiful waterfront.

      Enjoy Exploring Lisbon

      Lisbon’s array of transportation options means that you can tailor your travel to fit your needs, schedule, and style. From the whimsy of ancient trams to the sleekness of metro lines or the confidential comfort of a private transfer like Transfeero, navigating Lisbon is all about choice—and the city is ready to greet you with open arms and an open road.

      Remember, whatever your preferred mode of transportation, plan ahead, especially during peak seasons, to make the most of your Lisbon journey. And should you need a reliable and comfortable private transfer, Transfeero is at your service. Safe travels!

      💰 Best value: Economy Taxi
      🌍 Business or leisure: Standard Sedan Class
      👪 For groups or families: Standard Van Class
      💎 A touch of luxury: First Class Services
      🚌 Best for large groups: Minibus or coach transfer

      Destination Transfer time Distance Price
      Lisbon 25 min 11 Km / 6.84 Miles EUR 30.97
      Cascais 49 min 38 Km / 23.61 Miles EUR 38.26
      Povos 28 min 29 Km / 18.02 Miles EUR 35.83
      Estoril 49 min 29 Km / 18.02 Miles EUR 35.83
      Ericeira 51 min 44 Km / 27.34 Miles EUR 39.88
      Fatima 1h 20 min 121 Km / 75.19 Miles EUR 60.67
      A dos Cunhado 50 min 56 Km / 34.80 Miles EUR 43.12
      Nazaré 1h 14 min 117 Km / 72.70 Miles EUR 59.59
      Coimbra 1h 52 min 197 Km / 122.41 Miles EUR 81.19
      Porto 2h 47 min 307 Km / 190.76 Miles EUR 110.89

      Car service and Chauffeur service Lisbon Airport

      Maximum comfort and safety for your transfer to Lisbon . Our drivers will monitor your flight as they greet you at Lisbon Airport . Your driver will be waiting for you with a sign indicating your name and of course, if you wish, he will assist you with your luggage. Rely on a Transfeero driver for Lisbon Airport and you will be in safe hands. Our drivers are professional and have all the licenses required by law. Your stay in Lisbon cannot start in a better way.

      Book your transfer fromLisbon Airportand enjoy your vacation or business trip smoothly

      Lisbon Airport

      Lisbon Portela Airport (Humberto Delgado Airport)
      Alameda das Comunidades Portuguesas
      Lisbon Airport

      Lisbon Airport Transfers (LIS)


      Maximum comfort and safety for your trip
      Licensed vehicles, professional drivers

      Transfer Economy Taxi Economy Taxi Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer Standard Class Standard Class Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer First Class First Class Up to 3 Passengers
      Transfer SUV Limo Class SUV Up to 6 Passengers
      Standard Van Van Standard Up to 7 Passengers
      Transfer First Van Class Van First Class Up to 6 Passengers
      Minibus Minibus Up to 16 Passengers
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      Journey details

      Want to know more about your journey from/to Lisbon Portela Airport (Humberto Delgado Airport)? We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers to help you plan your journey.

      What are the Lisbon Airport Taxi fares?

      With TRANSFEERO you will always have the guarantee to find the best rates for your transfer from Lisbon Airport. All included at a fixed price and without surprises. A Rate for a transfers from Lisbon Airport includes all local taxes, tolls, parking and VAT.

      How can I book online a transfer?

      Very simple! Enter the airport, enter your destination or pick-up point, date, time and number of passengers. You will see the best offers for your Transfer from / to Lisbon Airport .

      Why should I book a Lisbon Airport taxi transfer in advance?

      You will be greeted directly at the exit of the terminal or baggage hall by one of our professional drivers with a name tag, indicating your name or the main passenger. No waiting for a taxi. The other advantage of booking your transfer from Lisbon Airport in advance is to have the guarantee of a fixed price (no surprises, no hidden costs).

      How much does a taxi cost from Lisbon Airport?

      Rates vary according to your destination but generally for the center of Lisbon the rate is EUR 29.35.

      Where do I meet my driver?

      Your driver will be waiting for you just outside the arrivals gate ofLisbon Airport, holding a sign with your name clearly written on it. You will receive an e-mail and an Text-message containing the name and telephone number of your driver.

      What do I do if my flight is delayed?

      Our drivers receive constant updates, if you are aware of any delays please contact us immediately and we will try to rearrange your transfer fromLisbon Airport

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