Tips for your trip to New York

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The most fascinating city in the world is definitely New York City. Because no matter how many defects it may have and how little it compares with other older places, there is something that still attracts. And always will. Whoever has been there wants to come back. You say “New York” and you already see glittering skyscrapers, lights, artists, crowded subways and monuments… truly monumental! For Americans, it is one of the oldest and most historic cities of the nation, in fact it existed long before the birth of the United States themselves. For tourists, it is the summary of the American Dream. If New York is your next destination, here are some useful tips for a perfect stay!

When to go

One would say, with no doubt at all, that New York is always beautiful. Every season is perfect for a vacation in the “Big Apple”. However, some times of the year can be particularly hostile. For example, between November and February, snowstorms and frosts that block the metropolis for days are not uncommon. And although New Year’s Eve in New York is everyone’s dream, we recommend you to book your stay in this city between April and October.

How to get to New York

New York is served by at least five airports, although the most famous and important for international traffic are three: John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), La Guardia (LGA) and Newark (EWR). All these airports are well served by land and rail connections and there is no shortage of taxi, shuttle, taxi-with-chauffeur and group bus services. Trains are also very efficient in New York, as for both national lines (the main stations are Grand Central and Penn) and the famous subway. Several highways connect New York to major nearby cities, such as Boston (Route I-90), Washington and Baltimore (I-95), Philadelphia (I-95 and I-78). Greyhound bus services connect the city to every state in the nation.

How to move through New York

Tradition has it that in New York you can move easily with public and private transport. The city buses, the many municipal or private taxis, but above all the subway allow you to reach any corner of the city at any time. You can buy a special ticket, the Metrocard, which allows you to use both subway and bus for one week! Some famous districts of New York, such as Manhattan, Little Italy, Soho can easily be explored on foot as if you were in a European city. Distances between the various monuments, in fact, are really short. There is no shortage of cycle paths and ferry-boats. Ferries, especially, allow you to easily reach the districts scattered between the islands and the inlets of the urban area. No road traffic stress!

What to see

In recent past times, the absolute symbols of New York were three: the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Twin Towers. If the first two remain universal and obligatory destinations, today the bittersweet pilgrimage to Ground Zero – where the two famous towers once stood – has been added to the tour. Among the skyscrapers to admire, from below or even from the top where possible, there are the Chrysler and the Empire State Building.

If you can do it, choose to go for a walk in the most iconic neighbourhoods of the city: Manhattan, especially in the blocks of the rich lords of finance; Soho, the artists’ quarter; Little Italy, with its bright colours; the mythical and gloomy Bronx. Strolling in Central Park is an experience not to be missed, even though the vastness of this immense urban garden would literally take days to do!

Around New York, the towns of Jersey City, Hartford and the Hamptons are worth a visit. In particular the latter (two cities with similar names, South Hampton and East Hampton) are the most beautiful beaches on the north east coast.