Tips for your trip to Mexico City

Tips for your trip to Mexico City

Made up of 40 independent municipalities that complete an enormous historic core, for a total population that -with the hinterland area- reaches 19 million inhabitants, Mexico City is a real metropolis. Even if this enormous extension seems daunting in terms of tourist itineraries, if you have time to dedicate to it you will instead discover a city rich in treasures of art, history, nature, culture and technology. Mexico City is a world to see, not just a city… and here we try to give you all the useful advice for organizing your holiday there.

When to go

The best time to visit Mexico City is between November and April, when there is little or no rain and the Mexican “cold” is not so aggressive, in fact it is more like a cool spring weather. Things change between April and June, when the sultry heat arrives suddenly and turns into heavy humidity and even disastrous thunderstorms. So, avoid the summer.

Travel documents

To enter Mexico, a passport is mandatory, and it must be valid at least for the duration of your stay – preferably up to one month after departure. You don’t need visa if you come from Europe and America, and if you stay for only three months (over three months is a must). But there are some countries with particular impediments (consult the visa lists on the websites of the respective foreign ministries). An international driving license is necessary if you intend to travel independently. Medical insurance is strongly recommended, as is general travel insurance against unexpected events and accidents.

What to pack for your trip to Mexico City

The good news is that it is rarely really cold in Mexico. The bad news is that, being a very large country, you never know in which environments temperatures may suddenly increase or decrease. Mexico City is a fairly temperate city, but in the evenings it can reach almost winter temperatures, even in the middle of summer. Having clothes ready for every occasion in your suitcase is very important, even at the cost of sacrificing the space for other things.

Make sure you don’t leave your videocams, cameras and battery chargers at home because Mexico and its capital are a huge photography itinerary! Sunscreen, bathing suit, hood and mini first aid kit should never be missing, even if you explore the center of Mexico City! The electrical adapter is highly recommended too.

How to get to Mexico City

Mexico City can be reached by airplane thanks to its dynamic International Airport (MEX) which is also very well connected to the center and suburbs of the city. If you are already in Mexico or the United States you could also choose to reach the city by train or by fast international buses, but the plane remains the least inconvenient and fastest means of transport. You better fly rather than face the not always perfect roads of Mexico!

How to move through Mexico City

The ideal way to get around the Mexican capital is the local subway, which reaches almost all the neighborhoods and is very cheap. Buses are also good, both municipal ones and the faster Metrobus ones. The city is full of taxis, there are numerous companies competing to transport tourists. But inform yourself carefully about it, because taxi drivers in Mexico City have often been reported for theft, assault or worse! Among the more serious companies are Taxi Mex, Maxi Seguridad and Radio Uniòn. Otherwise, rent a car with driver also by using our website. In the city center you can also follow the brand new cycle path on two wheels.

What to see

There are dozens of itineraries you can follow in Mexico City, so it is impossible to make a list of all the beauties of this city. Organize an itinerary with your travel agent, perhaps ensuring that it includes some of the most famous monuments. For example, the cathedral, the National Museum located in Chapultepec Castle, the Column of the Angel (or of Independence), Casa de los Azulejos, the Basilica of Guadalupe. And also the Edificio Nacional which was the first Mexican skyscraper, Constitution Square, Three Cultures Square, Reforma Avenue, Alameda Central Park. Don’t miss the Frida Kahlo Museum, the Templo Mayor, the Palace of Fine Arts and the Teotihuacan.

What to do and NOT to do in Mexico City

In Mexico City you go to walk, a lot, on foot. You go to admire the artistic beauties of the center, but also to have fun and listen to good local music, tasting the unique and very spicy gastronomy of Mexico. There is no shortage of “nightlife” neighborhoods where you can enjoy the most authentic spirit of the locals. Visiting the churches of the capital is also a unique experience, full of spirituality and artistic charm.

In Mexico City you should never: take a taxi, especially at night, unless you are absolutely sure of the serious reliability of the company; carrying too much cash with you in your pocket; forget about tipping the waiters; drink water from public fountains or from the hotel room tap; criticize Mexican food or the people’s way of addressing other people (often too … colorful!); provoke drunken men (they could even have guns!).