What do you need for your trip to Reggio Calabria

Tips for your trip to Reggio Calabria

In order to discover Reggio Calabria you need to know much more information than “when to go” and “what to see”. This city full of surprises could catch you off guard or make you feel immediately at ease. The important thing is to arrive prepared for its knowledge, knowing perfectly what to do and not to do.

Travel documents

Set in southern Italy, Reggio Calabria is of course a part of the Schengen Agreement area. This means that all tourists from other Schengen countries can enter by only showing an identity document – passport or identity card from their own country. If you come from a “non-Schengen” nation, you must show a valid passport – up to three months after the date of your arrival.
If your country is included in the list of those that need to show a mandatory visa before entering Italy you shall ask for it in advance. Always bring with you the document that will be issued to you at the hotel or B&B after registration as another valid identification paper. Travel and/or health insurance is recommended but not mandatory.


What to pack for your trip to Reggio Calabria

The bathing suit is certainly one of the first things to pack if you go to Reggio Calabria. This is good in summer, spring or autumn. In autumn it seems that the coast of Reggio offers the most beautiful sea baths, so consider it. Don’t forget your hiking boots and jackets, because you can – or rather you must – go and visit the Aspromonte Park, a few kilometers from the city. And then in the evening it always gets a little cool and a jacket is good in every season.

It is also a good idea to pack elegant clothes in your suitcase because Reggio’s nightlife offers interesting opportunities, such as quality restaurants, theatres, cultural events and exhibitions.
A very useful tip is to also pack a lot of… empty space! From Reggio Calabria you almost always return with lots of souvenirs and, if you travel by car or train, you could also return with suitcases full of excellent local food. Make sure there is enough room for that!

What to do and NOT to do in Reggio Calabria

People go to Reggio Calabria to walk and swim, to have fun and to get to know a city that is a true jewel to discover. If you come to Reggio, try everything! From hiking in the mountains to swimming in the sea at night, from the evening at the pub to the afternoon stroll under the large centuries-old trees of the seafront.

Like all large cities, Reggio Calabria also has areas to avoid, especially in the evening: the southern and northern suburbs of the city are perhaps the least safe neighborhoods. In the center you can live peacefully until late night, but it is always best not to venture into unfamiliar areas alone or as a couple after a certain time. Never make an inhabitant of Reggio sad by refusing a good fish or nduja (hot salame) dish! If you really don’t like it, tell them you’re allergic!