Guide to Los Angeles’ main airports and stations

Guide to Los Angeles’ main airports and stations

Los Angeles covers a huge territory and a strategic point on the west coast of the United States. Being well connected to the rest of the country and the world is a must for this ever-expanding city. It has been doing this for some time thanks to an excellent system of communication routes, which includes many motorways, plus several airports and railway lines. Three of its airports are the best known and busiest in the metropolis. We introduce them to you in detail here, together with the famous train station which is also a monument!


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Los Angeles International Airport (iata code LAX) is the main airport of the city, the most important and the most used for international flights. This is the gateway to the great metropolis and for this reason it is also one of the best equipped airports in the United States. It has existed since 1924 and has been operating as a civilian airport since 1928.

LAX welcomes 85 million passengers a year, by using 4 runways and 9 terminals for a total number of gates 113 ! This allows it to also be the fifth busiest airport in the world. Very close to the city center – only 26 km away from downtown – it manages thousands of international, domestic and cargo flights. A very interesting element is the Theme Building, a four-leg tower hosting a very elegant restaurant from which you can dominate the airport.

Los Angeles International is well connected to the other regions of California by many car services, such as rent-a-car, private taxi and shuttle transfers, taxi with drivers and of course city buses and the modern subway. Of course you also find here restaurants, shops, security points, banks and all you may need!

Los AngelesOntario International Airport (ONT)

Set 61 km from Los Angeles, in the municipality of San Bernardino, stands the second international airport of the city, which bears the name of the place that hosts it – Ontario International Airport (ONT). The airport has existed since 1923 when it was only a runway for amateur aircraft, then developed into a military runway in the 1940s. In 1967 it was the task of this airport to “help” Los Angeles International with the ever increasing flight load.

Today this large airport serves the area of downtown Los Angeles up to the San Bernardino region. It has 2 runways and 2 terminals with a total of 29 gates. It can manage 5 million travelers per year. The airport uses as road connections the main city transport services of San Bernardino. It has a lot of car-rentals, each of which has its own parking. A private bus connects all these parkings and services.

Los Angeles John Wayne Airport (SNA)

The airport dedicated to the famous Western actor was born from a former military base which later became an airport in the 1950s. Originally serving only Orange County’s “VIPs,” today SNA is an international airport that handles commercial air traffic bound for the city’s shoreline. A large bronze statue of John Wayne welcomes tourist and travelers at their arrival!

With 2 runways and 3 terminals, for a total number of gates 22, Los Angeles John Wayne International Airport works mainly with domestic flights but it also welcomes airline companies from/to Mexico and Canada. It is set 50 km south-east from Los Angeles and very well connected thanks to many taxi and shuttle services, bus services and other private transportations.



Union Station is the most important station in Los Angeles. But not only that. Today it is also a fascinating historical-artistic monument, thanks to its Mexican architecture which has remained intact since the year of construction (1939). Inside it mixes different artistic styles in the perfect sign of the typical eclecticism of that time!

The station, which works with 12 tracks welcoming both national trains and the local subway, has some corners of rare elegance such as the central hall, the wooden coffered roof, the window glass. Among other things, it also houses hotels, art galleries and historical itineraries that make it truly a unique place. Several movies have been filmed here including Blade Runner, Speed and Drag Me To Hell.