Traveling alone and on your own: how and where?

Traveling alone and on your own: how and where?

A trip is a set of emotions and sensations that should always be shared. But you don’t always have the right company. Sometimes, those who love to take their time, abandon themselves to adventure, cannot and do not want to have a travel companion who tells them what to do and how. More and more people, especially young people, like to travel alone. And if this can be fun too, the most common question is: won’t it be risky? Especially for women… isn’t it a risk to travel alone? How to choose the right place and means?

Information for traveling alone

First of all, carefully study the place or country you would like to go to. Even in the safest of places – for example, Vienna, or the lovely Slovenia – there may be places to avoid. And on the contrary, in certain dangerous areas of the world (Israel, Venezuela, India…) you can go on solo holidays without fear if you take the right information. So take notes, consult chats, call the embassies and ask all the questions you want in order to prepare your itinerary yourself.

Women alone

Sometimes it is dangerous for a woman to even walk alone in her own city. How to venture into the world? Today, fortunately, we can rely on numerous solutions that guarantee safety for single women. For example, the “ladies only” sleeper trains, where lone travelers will share the cabin with strangers… women just like them! There are organized trips for singles, campsites for singles, even some AirBnB solutions are designed for single women. Even in this case… informing yourself first is necessary and important.

Where to go alone?

Some countries are more optimal than others for solo travelers. For example, Iceland – for the dream landscapes and excursions but also for the safety guaranteed to citizens and tourists on the streets. Or Portugal, with Lisbon embracing everyone with the same affection and the same attention, when it comes to safety. Canada also has a reputation for being a good place for solo travellers.

A good idea could be the Camino de Santiago, in Spain: the long walk through the north of the nation, towards the Santiago de Compostela Sanctuary is the favourite itinerary of many single travelers who can also meet on the way!

If you are men, for your solo trips we suggest Brazil, Chile, but also the United States. You can also go to Australia or East Africa. For single women, perhaps a tour to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Costa Rica is more suitable… or, going further afield, Japan and New Zealand are great because they have the reputation of being very safe nations!

How do you travel alone?

The classic and romantic “hitchhiking” is now discouraged for everyone, men and women. You better use more popular means of transport such as buses or trains. If you are able to adapt to driving on foreign roads, you can also rent a van to use both as a means of transport and as a place to camp.

In countries where the culture of two wheels is widespread, the solitary traveler can also choose the bicycle or motorbike as the ideal means of transport. Otherwise, travel by car (yours or rental) taking your backpack and tent with you, so to be able to camp in front of the most beautiful views in the world!