What do you need for your trip to Prague


Prague is certainly the ideal destination for your perfect autumn holiday. A city rich in culture, art, interesting events, but also full of efficient services and easy to reach and experience. What you perhaps need is just a few more suggestions to add to those already collected in order to become, without worries, “part of Prague” and always carry it in your heart.

Travel documents

Being part of the European Union and the Schengen nations, the Czech Republic does not have any particular restrictions for tourists coming from Europe. Tourists from many non-European countries can also enter the Czech Republic easily. Usually it is enough to show a valid identity document: identity card or passport.

Some countries need a visa for their inhabitants to obtain permission to come on holiday to Czech territory. The lists are certainly provided by each foreign ministry and the main information sites on the Czech Republic. Vaccinations are recommended but not mandatory, so are travel insurance.

What to pack for your trip to Prague

What to pack when you decide to go to Prague? Definitely elegant clothes, because Prague offers many opportunities for leisure in literary and cultural environments: art exhibitions, book presentations, public readings, theater are just some of the things that the city invites you to do. Don’t forget, however, jeans and a t-shirt and comfortable shoes at home. Walking in Prague is a “must do” experience!
You should definitely bring some long-sleeved clothing, heavy jackets and coats, because especially in autumn the temperatures in Prague can suddenly drop! If you arrive from non-European countries, bring an adapter with you because in Prague the electrical sockets follow the general rules of all of Europe’s electricity.

What to do and NOT to do in Prague

What to do in Prague is very clear: explore the city, enjoy each itinerary, calmly and perhaps integrating it with food and wine tastings. The historic quarters of the capital must be explored entirely, possibly on foot, entering every church, palace, castle or park. Ask information about events and concerts: attending and enjoying some of them is strongly recommended. If you see street artists, treat them for what they are: real entertainers, and not poor people begging for money. Street art is very important here. It is also worth exploring the surroundings of Prague, the towns of its region, the beautiful forests and natural parks that surround it.

In Prague you absolutely must NOT… attract attention! Better to blend in with the people than stand out as tourists. Avoid showing off cash, especially on public transport and in the metro subway, because these are the places where it is easy to be robbed. Don’t smoke… if you can. The laws against smoking here are very very strict, and the fines are very heavy if you smoke where you shouldn’t. Don’t trust too much those who sell food on the street, even if it seems very good; you better buy in a store. Don’t trust illegal taxis… take good information about taxi services in the city. Avoid remaining too late at night in the subway, it is not a safe place at all. If you are invited to private homes, NEVER refuse to take off your shoes: it is good manners in the Czech Republic, as in Japan, to leave your shoes at the entrance and wear slippers.