Tips for your trip to Verona

Worldwide known and loved, Verona is the city of Romeo&Juliet. Tourists come here looking for a romantic tale, for a “selfie” at the famous balcony, for touching Juliet’s grave. Not far from Venice, Verona is the perfect completion of your journey of love. Besides the Shakespearian traces, though, this Italian city is cradle of history and culture. And it is beautiful. The river Adige, the churches, the squares … Verona has so much to tell. Come find it out!

When to go to Verona

Verona is beautiful in the so called “middle season”. Plan your stay here for Spring or early Autumn. Summer months are nice too, but sometimes the climate can be hot and humid in that season. Not so good if you must walk. And you cannot love Verona if you do not walk its streets and alleys.

How to get to Verona

Verona lies in the “heart” of Northern Italy. Same distance from Milan and Venice, not far from the Alps and the Po Valley, it is connected by many means to different parts of Italy. Motorways A4 and A22 meet here, so do the main railway lines of the north. Verona has its own airport, Villafranca Catullo Airport. It is set 12 km from the city centre and very well connected through fast bus services, taxis and private transfers.

How to move

Most part of Verona’s city centre is closed to car traffic. This means you must leave your car in a garage or parking and walk. Or use the urban buses. You can also take the panoramic cableway to the highest part of the city, Castel San Pietro, and enjoy the view from above. Easy and fun also bike ride through Verona’s streets.

What to see

Juliet’s House, of course. This is the most loved monument, and the most visited too. Walking through the rooms where someone like Juliet could have really lived, looking over the courtyard from “the” balcony … what an emotion! Tourists also visit Juliet’s Grave and Piazza dei Signori where they imagine Romeo killing Tebaldo.

But besides Shakespeare, Verona is a city full of incredible monuments. Worth the visit: St Zeno Cathedral, the Roman Arena, the fortified Castelvecchio Bridge. Also visit the very ancient Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge) dating back to Roman times, Delle Erbe Square, Porta Nuova. Not far from Verona, take a few hours of relax on the shores of the Garda Lake.