How and where you can rent a car

Rent a car

Renting a car is the choice that more and more tourists make when they travel. Because moving with your own vehicle, especially in certain scenarios of wonderful natural expanses, guarantees the possibility of going anywhere, at your own pace and at the moments you prefer. Renting a car is also useful for exploring city and art routes. For example in Italy, Germany, Greece, France – you can find dozens in the same region. So how do you rent a vehicle? Where? And at what price?

Where can you rent a vehicle

Usually a vehicle – car, motorbike, jeep – can be rented at the airport or, in large cities (New York, Tokyo, London), also at the main railway stations. In fact, the main “Car Rentals” are present with their own companies and information desks in the main tourist arrival points. Alternatively, cars and vehicles can be rented by going directly to the car rental office in town, or by contacting private individuals, perhaps through hotels or B&Bs. To rent a vehicle is easy, just follow certain rules.

What do you need for a car rental

You must be of the right age for driving, to begin with: that is, an age that goes from 18 years old upwards (there is a limit, in fact over 70 years of age it is difficult to rent).

You must make a reservation and pre-pay by credit (or debit) card in advance.

Of course you must have a driving licence. Better if international driving licence, but certainly it is a must to have at least the driving license of your country. The license must be valid for 12 months.

When you pick up the vehicle, in addition to the driving licence, you will need to show a valid identity card and/or passport, credit cards (not debit cards, in this case) and a reservation certifying contact (and advance payment) with the car rental company .

As a rule, you also pay for insurance, local taxes and the company limited liability with the car. Make sure these things are covered with the vehicle, otherwise avoid venturing into a foreign country without them. Some car rentals also have their own requirements and ask for extra documents, which you will be advised of when you book.

Before leaving …

Once you get the rented car, check the water, oil and petrol in order to be sure that everything is as the renter promised you. Also check the emergency kit (spare wheel, tools, etc.) and be sure you know how to drive that type of car, perhaps by doing some tests on the place.

You will choose the type of vehicle based on the trip you want to make: a jeep if you have to go to inaccessible places, a family car if you are more than three, a small car if you are a couple or a motorbike if you are alone. Obviously the rental price changes according to the vehicle. If you rent a vehicle with a driver, the price also varies depending on the presence and time that driver spends on the journey you have chosen.

The restituition

During the trip, always take into account the problems that arise, if they arise. Or any damages, whether caused by you or others. Document as much as possible because at the time of return you will be asked about them.

Before returning the vehicle, make sure you fill up with petrol, at least 10 km from the place of return. But once delivered, ask for the invoice from the renter, so as to check that your bank account is not charged with “extra damages” that you have not discussed before.