Medical Insurance, all you need to know

Medical Insurance

When you go on a vacation, you now think among other things of a good travel insurance. That is, you entrust your mental relaxation to professionals who foresee and intervene in the event of unforeseen events or accidents that may disturb the holiday period. Usually, comprehensive travel insurances are stipulated and accompanied by various policies. In other cases you only choose some of these policies. Medical insurance is increasingly required by those who go on holiday, especially when they go on holiday abroad. Because it helps in the event of an accident or illness, but also solves problems of early return due to illness. Here is in detail what it is and how to take out medical insurance.

What is medical insurance

Medical insurance is a contract that places any health-related unforeseen events under the protection of professionals. The protection, in this case, consists in facing medical expenses and transport in complete serenity. Medical insurance guarantees valid economic aid, especially in those countries which, unlike Italy, do not have efficient public health systems, and often ask exorbitant amounts even for a simple plaster cast.

Taking out medical insurance in case of travel is also useful for organizing any transport. For example, if you find yourself ill or injured in a country like the United States – where surgery can cost tens of thousands dollars – you may find it more convenient to be transported home and have the surgery done cheaper. Or free! Also in this case the transport can take place with the help of an insurance.

How to take out medical insurance

The procedures for taking out travel medical insurance are similar or the same as those for taking out general travel insurance. In fact, medical insurance is almost always a part of it.

Now everything can be done online, and through the website of the insurance company you choose, you can also fill in the appropriate forms and even pay directly. Alternatively, just go to one of the insurance offices and sign in front of the employee, paying on the place.

Usually this type of insurance is taken out before leaving for the destination, so that you are also covered for any travel accidents. The costs vary according to the locality, according to the danger of the place, and according to the type of holiday you intend to do (a tourist walk or a survival competition in the forest?).

Which destinations should this insurance be taken out for?

Medical insurance should always be taken out, to leave safe and carefree. But certainly there are some countries where it is better to be covered against any possible health care costs. Countries where treatment is expensive (USA, Canada, Australia, Japan), countries where it is easy to have accidents (certain regions of Central-East Africa, Central America, Brazil), countries where high crime rates and possible riots expose to incidents (recently, for example, Venezuela and Israel but also Russia have become places at risk for violent acts).

When you leave for an adventurous journey, or to face extreme sports competitions, even if you go to well-equipped places, it is convenient to have medical insurance that protects you. If you leave on purpose for medical treatment, in order to undergo therapies that do not exist in your home country, medical insurance will cover part of the costs you will have to face.