Travel Insurance, all you need to know

Travel Insurance, all you need to know

Talking about damage and dangers just before leaving for the holidays is not a good idea. For many people it could also be seen as a “bad omen”. But getting out of the mindset and prejudices, planning a travel insurance is instead the best way to face a period of relaxation, in true … relaxation! Because only by keeping yourself and your things safe will you be able to think exclusively of having fun. What is a travel insurance? And why should it always be stipulated?

The insurance that protects you during your trip

There is not a “single” travel insurance, but several ones. This is because, depending on the destination and the needs of the tourist, some events can or must be covered more than others. Very anxious people may want to prevent all needs and damages, but as a rule it is not mandatory to take out several policies together.

Insurance policies in the case of travel are offered both by the classic insurance companies and by tour operators, also through travel agencies. Sometimes they can also be stipulated on the spot, at some very important international airports (New York, London, Paris…). A travel policy usually includes other policies – the medical one, the one against theft and loss of luggage – and the cost varies according to the choice and the number of policies taken out.

The goal is to foresee and prevent all the problems that may arise during a journey, so that in any uncomfortable situation “others” will solve the problem. While you continue to relax and enjoy your trip.

What does travel insurance include?

An insurance for a trip includes various aspects of prevention. Travel insurance policies must cover every aspect of the journey. Here are some of the cases that are foreseen and covered by this type of insurance.

  • Loss or theft of luggage – it is one of the most requested because the loss or theft of suitcases is an event that often occurs in airports (and not only). You can get a refund, and even compensation if your luggage is not found.
  • Travel delay or interruption – when, due to the fault of the carrier, or to force majeure events, or unforeseen circumstances, a journey is delayed or interrupted, this ruins the holiday period. In this case, the compensation must cover the new flight ticket (if you miss a connection) or the loss of hotel night stay.
  • Travel or Flight Accidents – covers accidents, injuries, damages suffered on or in connection with the flight or the journey in general. In the event of disability or death, it also covers the cost of treatment or transport of the dead person.
  • Medical expenses – this policy is not always taken out, yet it is very useful. Because there are countries where even treating flu is very expensive. The medical coverage policy intervenes in the event of cures, emergency treatment, return due to illness, sudden death.


How much does a travel insurance cost?

There is no standard price because everything varies depending on which policy you choose, how many you take out and with which company. Base yourself on the fact that the higher the risk, the more expensive the policy will be. Covering the risks of a trip to Vienna will always cost less than covering the risks of a trip to the swamps of Brazil or the forests of Kenya!

If you go to areas with unstable politics, risk of terrorism, or places not recommended by your government, the policy cost will be higher. The price also varies according to the activities you will be doing: if you go on holiday for simple tourism, or to snowboard or to climb mountain walls … the prices will never be the same.

How to stipulate it

Travel insurance can now also be taken out online, with convenient ways to compile and pay from home. Many companies have the pre-established forms directly on their official websites. Alternatively you can go to the company headquarters and speak to an employee. Some insurance can be taken out through a good tour