What do you need for your trip to New York

New York

If you are planning your trip to New York City, hold back the excitement – fully justifiable! – and stop for a moment to think practically. Then, you shall give the green light to happiness. However you are about to face a big city, on a particular continent, and you must know how you need to do it. No problem though, there aren’t many rules to follow! Here is a small guide on what you need for a trip to the “Big Apple”.

Travel documents

The latest anti-covid restrictions have been recently dropped, and therefore to enter the United States from abroad all you need to do is show a valid passport and an ESTA visa (i.e. the mandatory electronic tourist stay permit that you fill in and obtain online) . You can add travel medical insurance to these basic documents. It is not mandatory but highly recommended, because in America health care is very expensive and you have to cover the costs in anticipation. If all these documents are in order, you will only have to wait for your papers to get stamped at the airport (in New York there are three international ones: JFK, LaGuardia and Newark) … and then off to the American adventure!

What to pack for your trip to New York

The recommended time to go visit New York is between spring and autumn. Summer usually has very mild temperatures, so light cotton or linen clothes will be enough to face the city without problems. Jackets are still recommended because sometimes in the evening the breeze is really cold. If you travel in spring or autumn, however, you will have to expect sudden drops in temperature and even snow, sometimes! So you better also bring warm clothes with you, to protect yourself on those occasions.

Important thing to remember! You will need to bring a universal adapter for electrical outlets in your suitcase, because American ones have elongated holes – not round like European ones – and also the voltage varies compared to Europe.  Never forget this device! As for cell phones, obviously, in America they will have to work with local operators. Foreign tourists can buy prepaid and adaptable telephone cards that will allow them to communicate by hooking up to American lines.

What to do and NOT to do in New York

Of course, New York must be explored! And we suggest you to use public transport, which you can do at all times thanks to the tourist cards. By purchasing one, you can get on all the vehicles for a week or a fortnight, depending on the rate you pay. This will allow you to get around the city without wasting time and in absolute comfort.

Some neighbourhoods of New York, once famous for being crime hotbeds, have now been re-evaluated and are open to tourists. Districts such as Bronx and Harlem, for example, but also Brooklyn are now nice places to see. Although it is normal to walk quietly through these streets, it is always advisable to be careful with bags, suitcases or precious objects. And you better avoid going into the alleys or strolling through these neighbourhoods at night. If you really have to, move in groups, never alone or in pairs.

If you travel by taxi, avoid getting into any car displaying the word “taxi” or “cab”. In New York, the official companies have yellow or green coloured cars only. And very precise wordings that you can learn perhaps by asking information at your hotel. Also avoid street artists who are too “engaging” with the people around, because they often distract you for to steal.

Also enjoy yourself a bit of the “surroundings” of New York. New Jersey is certainly worth a visit, and so are the romantic towns on the coast (the Hamptons) and those in the neighbouring state of Connecticut.